Is Whalesmining.Com Legit or Scam

WWhalesMining claims to be a crypto earning bank that wants to create the financial infrastructure of the future. The company claims it was registered in the United Kingdom as The Whales Mining LIMITED company and specializes in mining and investment services.

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How To Make Money On

1. Mining Bitcoin

On, you can mine bitcoin and make daily returns. To start mining, you need to create an account. You simply click the “Register” button link and fill out the required information. You also need to note that for security reasons, whalesmining doesnt allow users change their email address after registration, so please ensure you use your real email.

After creating an account, to start mining bitcoin, you need a PC, phone or tablet with internet access, you don’t need any specific skills or need to have any cryptocurrency experience because their softwares promises to handle the mining and make profit for you.

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How To Mine Bitcoin

  • Step 1: Log into Your Account To begin, log into your account using your credentials.


  • Step 2: Click the “Buy Miners” Button Once you’re logged in, click on the “Buy Miners” button to explore the available Bitcoin miner contracts.


  • Step 3: Choose Your Bitcoin Miner Contract Browse through the different miner contracts and select the one that suits your preferences and investment goals.


  • Step 4: Select Your Payment Method offers various payment methods. We recommend using Bitcoin for your convenience.


  • Step 5: Purchase Your Bitcoin Miner Contract Click the blue “Purchase Bitcoin Miner” button to proceed with the payment. Make sure to pay the correct amount displayed on the page.


  • Step 6: Start Mining Automatically After successfully completing the payment with three confirmations in the blockchain, your purchased miner will automatically begin mining.


  • Step 7: Monitor Your Mining Progress Congratulations on purchasing a miner contract! You can now check the miners’ hash and total live mining in your account dashboard. The total live mining value reflects the real-time total mined BTC from your miners.

The minimum miner contract you can buy is 0.0005 BTC, and the maximum you can buy at one time is 10 BTC. Each miner contract is limited, please pay attention to their latest miner contract price at any time. You can also buy miner contracts many times..

Bitcoin Mining Packages

ContractTimePriceDaily MinedHashrateMaintenance
Bitcoin Miner10 Days0.0003BTC0.0000327BTC300GH/sFree
Iceland Miner30 days0.0015BTC0.0000651BTC1500Gh/sFree
Brazil Miner30 days0.012BTC0.0006BTC12000Gh/sFree
Japan Miner30 days0.033BTC0.00187BTC33000GH/sFree
Australia Miner30 days0.09BTC0.0057BTC90000GH/sFree


ContractTimePriceDaily MinedHashrateMaintenance
Korea Miner30 days0.2BTC0.014BTC200000GH/sFree
Saudi Miner30 days0.5BTC0.0417BTC500000Gh/sFree
USA Miner30 days1BTC0.0867BTC1000000Gh/sFree
Whale Miner30 days2BTC0.1868BTC2000000Gh/sFree
Satoshi Miner30 days10BTC1BTC10000000Gh/sFree


2. Referrals

You can make a lot of money through referrals on the whalesmining platform. offers an exciting bounty program, giving you a chance to earn rewards ranging from $0.1 to $500. Engage in various promotional activities and get rewarded for spreading the word about the platform. Below are the different bounty packages:

YouTube Bounty Bonus:

  • Create a video about (Minimum duration: 3 minutes) – Reward: $1 to $500.
  • Comment about on related investment videos – Reward: $0.1 to $5. Requirements: Attach your referral link under the video, and ensure your account and videos are public.

Facebook Bounty Bonus:

  • Share content promotion to groups, fan pages, and chats – Reward: $0.1 to $5.
  • Create a group or fan page about – Reward: $0.1 to $10.
  • Tag friends with content promotion – Reward: $0.1 to $5.
  • Create a chatroom with a minimum of 20 people – Reward: $0.1 to $50. Requirements: Be kind and polite to our investors. The most active group may win a $1000 active deposit reward.

Website/Blog Bounty Bonus:

  • Write a review with content promotion about – Reward: $0.1 to $500.
  • Display all banners on your website/blog – Reward: $0.1 to $500. Requirements: Maintain a kind and polite demeanor on forums. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Telegram/WhatsApp Bounty Bonus:

  • Create a Telegram/WhatsApp channel with at least 20 people – Reward: $0.1 to $500.
  • Promote in related investment channels – Reward: $0.1 to $5. Requirements: Be kind and polite to our investors. The most active group may receive a $1000 active deposit reward.

Twitter/Tumblr/Reddit/Instagram Bounty Bonus:

  • Make content promotion and share it in your post – Reward: $0.1 to $50.
  • Post your promotion content on various platforms and social media – Reward: $0.1 to $50.

How to Claim a Bounty:

  1. Register as a member on
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Username – Bounty Claim.”
  3. Include a screenshot or link of your bounty promotion content.
  4. We use real individuals to verify your email, so please don’t cheat the referral system.
  5. Allow up to 72 hours for review and bonus addition.

How to request a withdrawal

Request a withdrawal by clicking ‘Withdraw Coins’ in the member’sĀ  dashboard area and entering the desired amount you want to withdraw. Minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC, while other cryptocurrencies vary. No withdrawal fees apply, and withdrawals are typically sent within 24 hours.

Is Legit?

Whalesmining is a ponzi scheme and a scam. The platform used to pay people after the mining contracts end, but has stopped paying about a month ago. So it means the platform was just operating a pyramid scheme by using new investors funds to pay older investors. Please be careful.

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