Is Owodaily Legit or Scam

OwoDaily is an influencer affiliate network that offer users a fantastic opportunity to make money through completing small micro-jobs and promoting affiliate offers (deals). The platform serves as a bridge, connecting individuals and brands with businesses, all aiming to spread the word about their campaigns, products, or services. In return for your efforts, you receive a commission.

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At OwoDaily, you have two avenues to earn money:

  1. Micro-Jobs: Engage in a variety of small tasks that businesses need help with. By completing these micro-jobs, you can earn a steady income while contributing to the success of various campaigns.
  2. Promote Affiliate Offers: Take advantage of the available deal offers and promote them to your friends, network, or through marketing-led campaigns. As you drive sales and conversions, you’ll receive commissions for your efforts.

How To Make Money On Owodaily

To join OwoDaily, you first have to choose a membership plan that fits what you want to do on the network. A basic membership plan of 5000 naira per annum gives you access to lots of cool features like getting paid commissions for promoting products, completing micro-jobs, cashback, rewards and even selling stuff on the website. If you want even a personalized support and faster notification, you can choose the OwoDaily+ plan which costs 15000nairaper annum. Below are ways to make money on owodaily

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  1. Digital Jobs: On OwoDaily, you’ll find a wide range of digital tasks posted by fellow members, including individuals and companies seeking assistance with marketing and other online activities. As a member, you can choose the jobs that align with your skills and interests, completing them to earn money. Rest assured that you’ll be paid promptly after the submission is confirmed to be accurate. Owodaily various ways to make money on their platform, including promoting social media accounts, taking surveys, promoting YouTube channels, promoting music, creating articles, and reviewing apps. By performing these tasks successfully, you can earn money on the platform. Joining the OwoDaily Plus plan can provide additional opportunities to increase your earnings.
  2. Promoting Deal Offers: Our platform hosts deals from members who want to sell their products or services. They need your help to promote these deals to a larger audience. As an OwoDaily member, you can browse through available deals and select the ones you want to promote. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your promotion, you’ll receive a commission based on the offer’s terms.

OwoDaily has three distinct membership plans, each tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for free access, advanced features, or exclusive perks, They have got you covered. Choose the plan that aligns with your goals and start your journey towards success today!

  1. FREE ACCOUNT – ₦0
  • New Deal Updates: Stay in the loop with the latest deal offers, ensuring you never miss out on exciting opportunities.
  • Community Access: Join our vibrant community, connecting with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Weekly Newsletters: Receive insightful newsletters every week, packed with valuable tips and updates.
  • SIGN UP: Get started with our FREE membership plan.
  • Affiliate Offers: Gain access to a wide range of affiliate offers, ready for promotion.
  • Member Support: Enjoy comprehensive support from our team to help you succeed.
  • Academy Access: Enhance your skills with access to our educational academy, packed with industry-leading knowledge.
  • Cashback On Deals: Receive cashback on personal purchases made within the marketplace.
  • Micro-Jobs Access: Unlock opportunities to complete micro-jobs and earn extra income.
  • Hire Micro-Influencers: Collaborate with over 22,000 micro-influencers to boost your campaigns.
  • 50% Member Invite Bonus: Earn attractive bonuses for inviting new members to OwoDaily.
  • Net-7 Weekly Payouts (3% Fee): Receive your earnings weekly, with a nominal processing fee.
  • SIGN UP: Start your journey to success with our comprehensive MEMBERSHIP plan.
  1. OWODAILY+ – ₦15,000 ANNUALLY
  • Membership+: Take MEMBERSHIP to the next level with exclusive perks and advantages.
  • Masterclass Invites: Receive invitations to exclusive masterclasses, enabling you to sharpen your skills.
  • Priority Email Support: Get priority assistance through dedicated email support.
  • Personal Account Manager: Benefit from personalized guidance and support from a dedicated account manager.
  • Instant Job Notification: Stay updated with instant notifications for new job opportunities.
  • Private Community Access Village: Join a private community of elite members for collaboration and networking.
  • Net-7 Weekly Payouts (3% Fee): Enjoy weekly payouts with the same nominal processing fee.
  • SIGN UP: Elevate your earning potential and take advantage of all OWODAILY+ has to offer.

Is Owodaily Legit?

Yes, owodaily is a legit platform that has been in existence for more than 3 years now. It has always paid earnings and does not default. But you need to understand that you may not be able to make much on owodaily as there are few tasks available.

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