Is Legit or Scam

A lot of Nigerians Nigerians are tired of wasting their time on unreliable investment schemes. This is why we dedicated this website to review all new investment schemes in Nigeria so as to provide our users with guided opinions that would allow them make informed decisions and not fall victims to scams and ponzi schemes.

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One of the new investment schemes in town is IFF-EDP. it claims to be a legitimate long-term project that can help you achieve wealth and financial success. Prepare to witness your profits soar with this incredible opportunity!

IFF-EDP stands for “Investment for the Future – Easy Daily Profits.” It claims it is a reliable and paying platform where you can earn a remarkable 3-5% of your capital daily with minimal effort required. No need to stress yourself; the process is simple and efficient. Join now and unlock the door to financial prosperity!

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iff claims when you join iff and activate a product (invest in one of the investment package), you becomes an iff partner. Then iff sells your products all over the world and thats how you make income daily. The higher the product grade, the higher your profit.

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Let’s delve into the details of this incredible investment opportunity. The minimum deposit to get started is only ₦3,000, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Withdrawals are also easy, with a minimum withdrawal amount of ₦600. And guess what? You get to enjoy 5% withdrawal percentage, making it even more lucrative!


Even better, referral participation is optional. You have the choice to invite others to this amazing platform, but it’s not a requirement to benefit from its wealth-building potential. Making money through the referral program involves you inviting others to join the platform using your unique refferal url. You get 30% of your referrals earnings when they activate their account and invest in a product. Take your time, decide on your investment strategy, and watch your earnings grow. The choice is yours! 😎

Below are the various investment packages offered by IFF-EDP, each is designed to suit different needs and preferences:

Price: ₦3,000
Daily Income: ₦300
Validity Period: 13 days
Total Income: ₦3,900

Price: ₦8,000
Daily Income: ₦412
Validity Period: 32 days
Total Income: ₦13,312

Price: ₦16,000
Daily Income: ₦864
Validity Period: 32 days
Total Income: ₦27,648

Price: ₦25,000
Daily Income: ₦1,375
Validity Period: 32 days
Total Income: ₦44,000


Is Legit

No, it is a scam and ponzi scheme. The only set of people who benefits are those who joined early. If you are to join the platform now, you would loose your money as you wont get paid when the platform crashes. Also there have been no single evidence of payment by the platform, thats another big red flag.

9 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam”

  1. Can you do another review on IFF, do another research to confirm your content once more, I joined IFF 31st of July and I’ve received withdrawals from there

  2. It has not paid anyone since their big offer, and they’re asking people to pay more 10% of your total earns in there site to be able to make withdrawals. Which makes sound like a scam, big scam

    • As of today, Sept 27. The whole thing no longer exists. There’s no access to the website and the admins are no where to be found. That’s a confirmation. Very big scam. I just advise everyone to stay away from Ponzi schemes. There’s no easy way to make money

  3. I just noticed now that the app isn’t working
    It worked in the morning.
    God I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking
    I thought they have branches in some state


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