Is a Scam or Legit – Full Review is a new investment platform that just launched and its promising users with a daily return on 16%. It means if you invest 1000 naira into, you get 160 naira daily for 500 days. This is an insane return on investment.

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To make money on, you can either invest in one of their investment packages or you refer other people to use the platform. You  get unlimited referral bonus when people deposit through your referral link.All you need to do is to login to your dashboard, copy your referral link to invite your friends and when your referral deposits to Total, you will get a referral bonus. 

Earn 26% LV.1 friend deposit.
Earn 1% LV.2 friend deposit.
Earn 1% LV.3 friend deposit.
Earn 1% LV.4 friend deposit.
Earn 1% LV.5 friend deposit.
Referral bonus will be automatically added to your balance. Referral bonuses are unlimited.


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InvestmentAmount (₦)Rebate Cycle (Days)Daily Profits (₦/24H)Total Profits (₦)
Petrol stations (Paris)₦3,100500₦543₦271,250
Petrol station (St Etienne)₦5,100500₦944₦471,750
Amulet Protocol₦31,000500₦6,665₦3,332,500
Jupiter Aggregator₦51,000500₦11,985₦5,992,500
Atlas DEX₦110,000500₦28,050₦14,025,000
Solar Dex₦210,000500₦57,750₦28,875,000
Hubble Protocol₦510,000500₦181,050₦90,525,000
Ratio Finance₦1,000,000500₦500,000₦250,000,000


Is Totals.days Legit?

No, totals.days is a scam. Based on the the information on their about us page, impersonates the popular Total Energies, a well-established and reputable oil company. Using the company name deceive users and gain their trust into investing in their fraudulent scheme. Also promises unrealistic returns. A daily ROI of 16% is exceptionally high and its an immediate red flags. Investment opportunities that promise such exorbitant returns are highly likely to be scams.

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