Is Legit or Scam

Amongst the latest waves of new investment platforms in Nigria promising huge return on investment is The company claims to be an innovative investment platform centered around green energy. wants investors to Invest in their state-of-the-art power plants that seamlessly integrate green energy into existing grids.

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Schrodders claim they believe in the socio-economic benefits of renewable energy, reducing carbon footprints, enhancing energy security, and fostering job opportunities.

When you join schroders investment platform, you get access to the below benefits
1: All new user registrations are given 200 naira
2: The minimum recharge amount for members is 2800. Invite friends to join the company to recharge, and 37% of the recharge amount will be returned as a reward
3: Leasing our power generation projects earns 12% per day, valid for a long time. You can rent multiple power generation projects and earn 12% per day
4: The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000, and the withdrawal will arrive within 3 minutes. There is no limit to the number of withdrawals, 24 hours withdrawal. (One bank account can only be bound to one Schroeder account)
5: Please do not disclose your password, the password cannot be changed, please bear the consequences of password disclosure

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How To Make Money On

To make money on schroders, you can either invest in any of their renewable energy investment plans or refer your friends. Follow the below steps to make money on schroders/

  1. Invest in Renewable Energy Plans: Explore the various investment opportunities offered by Schroders, such as “Renewable Energy 2800JOIN,” “Renewable Energy 6800JOIN,” and others. Choose a plan that aligns with your financial goals and invest the specified amount.
  2. Earn Daily Income: Once you’ve invested in a renewable energy plan, you’ll start earning daily income. Schroders’ innovative power plants efficiently convert green energy into electricity, providing you with a consistent flow of earnings.
  3. Monitor and Accumulate: Regularly monitor your daily income, which accumulates over time. Schroders ensures that your returns are credited promptly, making it easy for you to track your investment’s growth.
  4. Withdraw Your Earnings: When you’re ready to access your earnings, you can withdraw them from your Schroders account. The withdrawal process is straightforward and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your investment.
  5. Refer Friends: Take advantage of Schroders’ referral program to boost your earnings further. Invite friends to join Schroders using your unique referral link, and you’ll receive additional rewards based on their investments.
  6. Reinvest for Compound Growth: For increased returns, consider reinvesting your earnings back into Schroders. By doing so, you can benefit from compound growth and watch your investment grow even faster.

Schroders Investment Plans

Investment OpportunityDaily Income (₦)Price (₦)
Renewable Energy 2800₦336.00₦2800.00
Renewable Energy 6800₦816.00₦6800.00
Renewable Energy 15800₦1896.00₦15800.00
Renewable Energy 68000₦8160.00₦68000.00
Renewable Energy 128000₦15360.00₦128000.00
Renewable Energy 380000₦45600.00₦380000.00


Is a Scam

Yes it is a scam. There are several red flags that raise concerns about the legitimacy of as an investment platform:

  1. Unrealistic Returns: The promise of earning 12% daily on power generation projects with no time limit seems too good to be true. Such high returns are often associated with high risks, and it’s rare to find sustainable and legitimate investment opportunities offering such consistent profits.
  2. Unverified Ownership: The lack of transparency regarding the platform’s ownership and background is a significant concern. Legitimate investment platforms typically provide clear information about their founders, team, and background to establish trust with potential investors.
  3. No Mention of Regulations: There is no mention of any regulatory compliance or licensing information for Reputable investment platforms usually adhere to financial regulations and acquire appropriate licenses to operate legally.
  4. No Real Products or Services: The platform’s business model solely revolves around inviting friends and leasing power generation projects, without mentioning any real products or services that drive its revenue. This lack of clarity about the platform’s revenue streams can be suspicious.

33 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam”

      • Am Adegbite Afolabimamoo I invested ,15800 yesterday and it’s show on my page but this morning I didn’t see anything and the 200 given is gone and my 15800 energy invested on is not showing on my page

  1. You better start now that’s new don’t go and start when the site want to shot down… thanks… They have paid me alot of money…


        *I said legits you said scam*

        *i said come and start but you doubt*

        *I think you are not a risk taker because all investment platforms is a risk*

        *FREE 200 WELCOME BONUS*

        N3000=360 Daily
        ₦6,800 = 816 Daily
        ₦15,800= 1896 Daily
        ₦68,000= 8160 Daily
        ₦128,000= 15360 Daily
        ₦380,000= 45600 Fault

        • I paid 15800 yesterday but didn’t see anything as at this moment. Not even the #200 that was show on my database yesterday and the 15800 energy I subscribe to

    • Just 8000 I invested 350k on Schroders….only twice they gave me hard earned money
      At first they’ll give u 46100
      Then they’ll increase it a bit
      After that no more
      They’ll ask you to put extra 68k to keep your account active.. please it is a scam

  2. Schroders is not a scam. I Have withdrawn severally. And as of today, they are still paying very well. Stop deceiving people. You can message me on WhatsApp 08065533620 if you need any guidance or question

    • Stop lying.. it is owned by a shares company and it’s status says inactive…and very soon it will say active…they’ll be using to scam u all and you’re still putting money and advising people to do so
      You’re wicked

  3. I also invested in Schroeder and it paid with high interest but with Thomdock aquaculture company, you are in for a life changing experience. With realistic Returns, Licensed, verified ownership and lots of aquaculture products. A trail will convince you. WhatsApp me on 08093593142 for more enquiry.

  4. It is a scam I sent a total of 380 thousand naira To them and I only got 60200…they’ll tell u in 11days or less depending on the amount you invest..according to them they will be sending it to u on a daily basis on their website “30100”(depending on how much you invest) for the given days but mine only lasted for 6 days but they gave me only for 2 days which was a total of 60200 the money will come from an unknown bank..
    The Banks I received from
    In Summary please don’t put your money there they are scammers if you search online about them and try to create an account they’ll say you have an account already because they are scammers who can monitor people’s activity on the internet

  5. It is a scam. I did the N15800 plan and got less than N2000 and when it was time for the next withdrawal, I got the message below

    “Some of your important data is encrypted and saved by me.
    Recovery is only possible through our decryption service. I guarantee with my personality that I can provide safe and effective recovery services.
    If you need the recovery service we provide, please pay $30,000,000 USDT to our designated single receiving address.
    USDT receiving address: TPrE57PEvSUVcyjH4fREJEjhx2vwVHBouy
    After the account is successfully received, you can start working immediately.”

    Clicking on any of the referral links here also lead to the same page. But I think for new comers, they will be led to the website so that they can also lose their money

  6. It is not a scam o they are even trying than order site u can still be receiving your daily money for more info dm me me on watt sap 08184193536

  7. Tech resources Ltd is trying but the inflow is too much , you can recharge from 2000 to earn 500 daily,5000 to earn 1300, 10,000=2700, 20000=5600 etc this elapse after 30days, here is my link you can try out with 2000 , you could also try ABR it is paying well so long as you can do forex trading just obey the instructions and you will make it . Recharge amount 30k. I have withdrawn enough without adding any money signal is sent Evey 8:pm if you are interested contact me. I have made alot from here. Thanks


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