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New investment platforms are coming up everyday in Nigeria, promising high return on investments for their customers. While most of these platforms are scams, there are still few reliable ones. This is why we have made it our duty to always review these investment platforms so as to provide information that would guide our users and prevent them from loosing their hard earned money to fraudsters.

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Blauwwind ( is a new investment platform in Nigeria and its gaining a lot of attentions. A lot of Nigerians are rushing to the platform hoping to double their investment.

Bluawwind claims to be a top 5 energy company in Europe’s offshore power generation ranking, and a world-renowned company. The Bluawwind platform promises to offer Nigerians wealth opportunity they can’t afford to miss, join now to earn high.

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The platform claims by joining their investment package, you can benefit the following:

  • Invest 2200NGN and earn 550NGN every day for 75 days.
  • Invest 7200NGN and earn 1890NGN every day for 75 days.
  • Invest 16000NGN and earn 4210NGN every day for 75 days.
  • New users get a registration bonus of 350NGN.
  • Invite friends to invest and get a 38% cashback of the friend’s investment amount.
  • Invite friends for the first time to get 100NGNThe withdrawal time is 09:00-21:00, and multiple withdrawals can be made every day

How To Make Money On Blauw-Wind

After signing up, you can make money from the blauwwind platform by investing in any of their investment plans.

You can also make money on Blauwind by participating in their referral programme. All you need to do is to share your unique referral id with your friends and family members and when they invest, you earn 38% of their investment.

Blawwind Investment Plans

Investment PlanDaily Return (₦)Total Reward (₦)Investment Price (₦)
Borssele I – 2.5MW55041,2502,200
Borssele I – 6.5MW1,890141,7507,200
Borssele I – 8MW4,210315,75016,000
Borssele II – 20MW10,556791,70038,000
Borssele II – 50MW19,4441,458,30070,000
Borssele II – 120MW44,1173,308,775150,000
Borssele III – 220MW88,2356,617,625300,000
Borssele III – 480MW187,50014,062,500600,000
Borssele IV – 760MW312,50023,437,5001,000,000
Borssele IV – 1.2GW666,66750,000,0252,000,000


Is Blauw-Wind Legit

Blauwwind is a scam and a fraudulent platform impersonating the original blauwwind company ( based in netherlands.

Also Blauwwind promises extremely high daily returns (e.g., earning 550 NGN every day for 75 days with an investment of 2200 NGN). Thats an 2000% roi.  Extremely high returns within short period of time means the platform is operating a Ponzi scheme or fraudulent investment scheme.

So we advice our website viewers to be very careful and not invest in this platform so as not to loose their money.

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