Is Vipalat Legit or Scam is a new investment platforms that claims users can make up to 700% in a month. In this guide, we would be doing a review of the VipAlat platform to determine if its a scam and whether its worth investing in or you totally avoid it.

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The vipalat platform entices users with the promise of a staggering 28% return on investment (ROI) daily for 25 days, which is a 700% ROI in a month.

How Vipalat.Live Works

To participate in Vipalat.Live, users must first create an account and log in to access the dashboard. The next step involves making a deposit by inputting the desired amount, which generates an account number to which the payment should be made. After making the payment, users must upload the evidence of payment to complete the transaction and unlock the option to invest in any of the Vipalat packages.

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In addition to direct investments, users can earn money through the Vipalat referral program. By referring others to the platform, users can earn 30% of whatever their referrals invest.

VipAlert Investment Plans

PlanTotal ReturnsDaily ReturnsPeriodAmount
VIP 1₦ 7,000 Total₦ 280 Daily25 days₦ 1,000
VIP 2₦ 35,000 Total₦ 1,400 Daily25 days₦ 5,000
VIP 3₦ 56,000 Total₦ 2,240 Daily25 days₦ 8,000
VIP 4₦ 70,000 Total₦ 2,800 Daily25 days₦ 10,000
VIP 5₦ 105,000 Total₦ 4,200 Daily25 days₦ 15,000
VIP 6₦ 280,000 Total₦ 11,200 Daily25 days₦ 40,000
VIP 7₦ 490,000 Total₦ 19,600 Daily25 days₦ 70,000
VIP 8₦ 1,050,000 Total₦ 42,000 Daily25 days

Is Legit?

No, Vipalat is a scam that operates a ponzi scheme. The platform would soon collapse as the business model of paying old users with new users money is not sustainable. Also relevant information about the company behind is missing, information like, its founders, or any regulatory certifications or licenses. Legitimate investment platforms typically provide transparent information about their background, team, and compliance with financial regulations. The absence of such details shows this is a scam.

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