Is Paid2play Legit or Scam?

Paid2play ( is a new task to earn website where you can earn a lot of money by participating in activities like viewing ads, watching videos, sharing posts, referrals, etc. The platform claims it is one of the fastest growing task to earn website as it allow users make money and cashout from the comfort of their home and anywhere around the world.

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In this review, we would be taking a deep look into the paid2play platform to know if its legit or a scam. Even though the platform claims to be a legit platform and that it allow users cashout after they must have earned up to the minimum withdrawal amount, all these claims are what we would be verifying in this review post. Features & Benefits

  • No Deposit or Registration Fee
  • Welcome Bonus is $20
  • Play Game and Survey to earn more.
  • $5 to $20 per Survey and Game.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $150

Ways To Make Money On

Paid2play offers various avenues for users to make money, and they include

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Reviewing top games and apps: On your dashboard, you would see a lot of tasks you can participate in and the amount they pay. perform the tasks according to the guidelines stated and you would earn income.

Participating in surveys: You can participate in surveys to earn money on paid2play. Each survey pays between $18 to $25

Referrals: Copy & share your referral link to get invites and earn money. You earn $0.50 when someone clicks your referral link and $12 if they signup after clicking it.

Post Submission: When you share content on social media. You can earn between $5-30 for each post depending on what platform you post on. All you have to do is choose a picture from the Photos To Use page and share it. Then, copy the link to your post and submit it on the submissions page.

Participate in Play tasks: A play task can be anything from downloading an app, to playing a game, to watching a video, to taking a survey. You can earn $20-$100 for each play task depending on the task. When done, you can review the Play Task to earn.

How To Join & Make Money

  1. Sign Up by creating a new Paid2Play account
  2. Participate in tasks like downloading and reviewing games or surveys
  3. Share your link with your friends & family!
  4. Cashout your earnings instantly!

Is Legit?

Piad2play is a scam website claiming users can earn a lot of money by participating in various tasks on their website. The website offers high pay for each task in a bid to attract a lot of users to join the platform. In reality, when you join paid2play and you participate in the tasks and you place a withdrawal requests, the website would inform you your withdrawal is on its way and you need to wait 14 days before you can receive it. This is just a strategy for you to keep engaging with the website, generating more activity and potentially referring more users, which benefits the website owner. However, despite the waiting period, you would not receive the money.

33 thoughts on “Is Paid2play Legit or Scam?”

  1. Please if it’s a scam and they don’t pay can you let us know what they end up telling you at the end of the process cause some of us are waiting for our first payment

  2. I Multiplied my payment date. But I know at first they gave you wallets that you hardly operate. By do doing you can miss the payment when you input a wrong wallet. Let call it by it actual name NA SCAM!!!


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