Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched Nigerian investment platform that allow people invest and earn daily returns on their investments. claims to be the investment arm of apar Industries which is an indian based company that started operations in 1958. Apa industry is a multi billion dollar company that has expanded to more than 140 countried around the world, and its regarded as a major manufacturer and supplier of conductors, electric cables and lubricants. claims if you invest in the company, you would be earning daily returns of about 25%.

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Benefits Of

  • Launched today – OCT-19-2023
  • Free N100 welcome bonus
  • Minimum Investment is N1,500
  • Minimum Withdrawal is N1,000

How To Join

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Fund your wallet by clicking on the recharge button and making payment
  • Invest in a plan
  • Earn daily returns and withdraw when you like Investment Plans

Product NameInvestment DurationPriceDaily IncomeTotal Return
POWEROIL BLAZE 4T FORCE200 Days₦1500₦300 (20%)₦60000 (4000%)
POWEROIL BLAZE 4T200 Days₦3000₦660 (22%)₦132000 (4400%)
POWEROIL CRUISE SONIC200 Days₦6000₦1440 (24%)₦288000 (4800%)
POWEROIL CRUISE SONIC PLUS 5W 30200 Days₦12000₦3120 (26%)₦624000 (5200%)
POWEROIL CRUISE MULTI200 Days₦24000₦6720 (28%)₦1344000 (5600%)
POWEROIL CRUISE200 Days₦48000₦14400 (30%)₦2880000 (6000%)
POWEROIL PREMIUM HD200 Days₦96000₦30720 (32%)₦6144000 (6400%)
PREMIUM MULTI SAE 15W 40200 Days₦192000₦65280 (34%)₦13056000 (6800%)
POWER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID200 Days₦384000₦138240 (36%)₦27648000 (7200%)
POWER GEAR 80W 90200 Days₦768000₦291840 (38%)₦58368000 (7600%)
POWER GEAR 85W-140200 Days₦1000000₦400000 (40%)₦80000000 (8000%)


Make Money Via Invitation Bonus

Invitation bonus is a major way you can earn a lot of money on apar live. This involves you sharing your referral links to your friends and followers and when they register and invest in any of the investment plans, you earn a commission which is a percent of the amount they invested. Below are the referral levels commission

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  • Level 1 invitation bonus = 30%
  • Level 2 invitation bonus = 2%
  • Level 3 invitation bonus = 1%

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme thats also impersonating Apar industries Ltd (, which is a reputable india based manufacturing company. operates a ponzi system and it would not last more than 3 days before it would collapse. These kind of systems lure people to the platform by paying returns for the first 2 days, and then after that, they vanish with everyone’s funds.

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