Is Phebella Legit or Scam?

Phebella is a new online platform that promises users daily income opportunities through investments. When you invest on phebella, you are guaranteed daily earnings of up to 10%. With the level of new investment platforms popping up in Nigeria daily, it is mportant to do research to determine the legitimacy of such platforms to know if they are legit or scam. In this review, we would be critically exploring the platform to determine if its real or fake.

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When you join the phebella platform, you get access to below:

  1. Cashback: 500 Naira for anyone who registers and invests.
  2. Welcome Bonus: Get an additional 500 Naira as a welcome bonus.
  3. Minimum Recharge: 2500 Naira is required to start earning daily income of 125 Naira.
  4. Minimum Withdrawal: You can withdraw funds when you have at least 540 Naira in your account.
  5. Withdrawal Process: Withdrawals are processed daily and typically arrive in your bank account the next day.

How To Make Money On

To start earning money on phebella, you need to create an account using this registration link. Visit the registration page and fill the form, the sign up. After signing up, login to your dashboard to start your money making journey.

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Make Money From Investing

After creating an account, login to your dashboard, and you would be faced with a lot of investment packages offered by phebella. Each investment plans have their daily returns percentage. The minimum investment you can make is 2,500 to earn 125 naira daily. While the highest amount you can invest is 73,000 naira to earn 4,000 naira daily.

Phebella Investment Plans

PlanTotal Price (NGN)Rent Cycle (Days)Daily Income (NGN)Total Revenue (NGN)


How To Withdraw

To Withdraw your earnings on the phebella platform, you need to have accumulated up to the minimum withdrawal amount which is 540 naira, after that, login to your dashboard and select the withdrawal option, input the amount you want to withdraw and add your bank details. Your withdrawal would be processed instantly.

Is Legit?

Phebella is a scam and a ponzi scheme. Below are the reasons why we believe phebella is a scam.

  1. Lack of Transparency: keeps the identity of its owners hidden, which raises concerns about the platform’s credibility. A legitimate investment platform should be transparent about its ownership and operations.
  2. High Returns vs. Risk: promises high daily returns, but it’s important to recognize that such high returns usually come with higher risks. Legitimate investment opportunities usually provide realistic returns with reasonable risks.


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