Is Brickongo Legit or Scam?

There is a new investment platform that just launched in Nigerian called Brickongo (
Brickongo claims to be a Stockholm based startup, founded spring 2019, with the ambition to bring powerbanks to people who forgot to bring a charger, don’t want to buy one, or simply want to get on with their day even when the phone’s dying. In other words, making “running out of battery” a thing of the past.
Brickongo claims to install power banks in public spaces all over Sweden. It is opening up investment opportunities for Nigerians to invest by buying power bank devices. Once purchased, these power bank devices will be automatically installed in public spaces. When people start using the power banks, they generate money for the investors.

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How To Make Money On Brickongo

You first of all need to create an account on brickongo using this registration link
There are various ways you can make money on brickongo and they include:
1. Invest in Power banks:
Choose the Power bank you want to invest in, Brick will use the funds invested by you and other users to install more Power banks, and you will automatically earn income every hour during the cycle.
You can invest in Brick power Banks of the same type or different types. In order to get more profits, we recommend you to invest in more different Shell Charger stations.
If you want to invest in any Brick products,  Login to your dashboard, click on the “Products” menu and you would see the value of the machine, select one or more machines you want to invest in, and invest.
Please make sure you have enough balance to invest. If your balance is low, click “Deposit” and deposit enough money for it.
2. Invitation Rewards
Invite other users to join Brickongo and when they invest in Brick, you can earn up to 20%+5% commission. If you are good at internet marketing, don’t miss this opportunity!
3. Upload withdraw voucher rewards
After uploading the withdrawal certificate, you will get cash rewards ranging from ₦50-₦1000. Also Telegram channel sends cash rewards every day at 1pm!

Brickongo Investment Plans

Station TypeCycle(days)Daily Income(₦)Total Income(₦)Price(₦)
Small Station3031293602600
Medium Station3012483744010000
Tower Station301003230096080000
Large Station2021336426720150000
Tower Station10501121002240500000
Large Station799984999840800000

How To Withdraw

The Minimum withdrawal amount is ₦300, and the withdrawal time is between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Also your
₦300 registration bonus can be withdrawn directly, provided that you have completed any investment once
NB: If the bank card information you left on the platform is wrong, the remittance may fail, and your withdrawal application will be rejected at this time, and the money will be returned to your Brick account.
If your withdrawal application is rejected, please check the specific reason in the withdrawal record.

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Is brickongo Legit?

Brickongo is a scam and a ponzi scheme. Brickongo is impersonating a sweedish based company  (
Also the only way you can make money from brickongo is if you join the platform very early. If you join the platform now, it would soon crash.

31 thoughts on “Is Brickongo Legit or Scam?”

  1. Hello, I deposited on bricksongo, after investing on 3 day duration product, I tried to withdraw, it didn’t work, for more than 2weeks now it is still showing “being reviewed”, my money is just hanging. Please I need assistance.

    • Because I am also interested almost 500 plus there and I have almost 12 million naira dear now I tried to withdraw it the reverse the money inside their website and they told me that I have to paid 150,000 naira again so that they can unlock all mine withdrawal since 3 months now the money just there because I can’t lose so much money because if I pay that 150,000 right now that should be almost 800 that I will lose their please eat anyone received their money or do you let her pay any amount to get your money there please let us know

  2. So brickongo is a scammer app because one thing I know that is scamm app is that when you chatt with the customer service they won’t reply you I am serious okay if I invite person to invest a great money but can not withdraw it money it that good Is not good at all because the person I invite Wil think am a scammer even if I want to receive the bonus it won’t work brickongo try to improve your platform for good

    • They even blokced me after i invèsted in the super power bank product at 120k ie 40+40+40 without being credited for once. . Now i can’t have access the their site again.

  3. pls no body should invest on brickongo it a scam I invest 10k nw I can’t withdraw anymore, I chat the customer care an they told me to invest 40k to activate my withdrawals

    • Bro you did not lie I tried to we draw also they told me I have to pay it 150000 naira to activate all my withdrawal that if I send the 150 thousand there on my withdrawal there will be unlocked and approve but I did not send the money there oooo

  4. Brickongo is a complete scam,I deposited 50k today,and the amount is not even showing in the app neither is my 50k refunded, please advise anybody that wants to invest in brick not to, cause the customer care is not even replying to messages.

  5. I’m still checking on it shaa, I deposited 2600 and I was able to withdraw some, but now I can’t withdraw, the customer service, are asking me to deposit 40k to activate my account. They deactivated my account without my notice, expecting me to deposit 40 to activate it..

  6. I deposited 2600 and they gave me 624 for two days now. All of you are just greedy people, how can you deposit up to a million

  7. I withdraw my money since yesterday and I haven’t received my alart I think it is a scam,I can’t even message their customer service anymore

    • The worst is that every means of talking to them has been blocked.
      U can’t reach them on the platform also on the telegraph channel. I just agree that I have entered one chance for real.

  8. I deposited N40k for the 3days program I HV completed it and place for withdrawal since on the second of December yet no show.
    The thing that baffle me most is the upload of withdrawal proof on their platform and telegraph group could it mean that they were designed or Photoshop CU’s I don’t understand

  9. I was only able to withdraw 600, after which they told me to deposite 40k to get access to all my withdrawal its been over two weeks now and my withdrawal is still being reviewed

  10. I can’t believe this app withdrawal won’t work because of the prove they’re uploading everyday…after I’ve deposited 50 to 70k just to invest and now both the withdrawal and login on the website none is working…


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