Is Legit Or Scam?

Sunrise is a new money making platform that allows users make money by performing simple tasks. Sunrise claims to be an advertising company  pioneering digital advertising content across all platforms globally.

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Sunriseadn claims it focuses on three material revenue types: Advertising, Consumer Direct and Commerce affiliate. Sunrise allows users make money by investing in one of it Vip packages.

Sunriseadn claims it is not an investment, but a job. There is a big difference between investing and working. When you invest, all you have to do is invest the money you want to invest. You don’t have to do any work to change your money. When you invest your money, you can lose it or gain a profit. You have no control over where it will go in the future. On the other hand, this job requires you to work for a commission. When you make a deposit With SUNRISE without doing any work, you don’t get any commission.

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How To Make Money On Sunrise

Working in SUNRISE, you get access to a lot of commissions, which can allow you to get more benefits.

  • The higher the VIP position, the higher the income: You can make money by investing in one of sunrise vip packages.
  • Inviting subordinates to join SUNRISE will also get rich invitation benefits, which will expand SUNRISE’s advertising promotion scale, which is what SUNRISE advocates
  • Most of SUNRISE’s employees apply online, so the company will irregularly send employees online benefits and organize offline company parties
  • Team rewards, party rewards, etc.

Make Money From Investment

To Make money from sunriseadn investment, you need to invest in one of sunrise VIP packages. Sunrise offers 10 vip packages. You can invest in any one. Each vip package cost different amount and give different returns on investment.

The cheapest Vip level is VIP0 and it costs 0.5USDT and it pays 30USDT monthly. The most expensive vip level is VIP9, it costs 140USDT and gives 1000USDT monthly.

NB: VIP is your job position. Different positions enjoy different tasks and wages. The higher the VIP position, the higher the wage income and the higher the value

SunriseAdn Investment Packages

VIP LevelDailiesUSDTUSDT PurchasedDaily EarningsMonthly Earnings
VIP02 times0.5USDT 1USDT 30
VIP12 times1USDT 2USDT 60USDT 20
VIP24 times1.25USDT 5USDT 150USDT 50
VIP34 times3USDT 12USDT 360USDT 120
VIP45 times6.1USDT 30.5USDT 915USDT 300
VIP55 times17USDT 85USDT 2550USDT 800
VIP66 times33USDT 198USDT 5940USDT 1800
VIP78 times44USDT 352USDT 10560USDT 3000
VIP89 times85USDT 765USDT 22950USDT 6000
VIP910 times140USDT 1400USDT 42000USDT 10000

Make Money From Referrals

Are there rewards for inviting friends and family members to join the company?
SUNRISE encourages users to invite /refer their family members and colleagues to join the platform. The more users you refer, the mor commission you earn.

Is SunriseAdn Legit?

Sunriseadn is a scam and a ponzi scheme. You are bound to loose money. If you join early, you might be lucky to make some money before the platform crashes.

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