Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we will be taking a deep look at a newly launched investment platform called If you are active on Facebook, you might have come across several posts about this platform. We advise that you carefully read this blog post before making any decision on whether to invest in
This blog post will answer all questions you have about the, and also provide you with insights to make informed decisions about whether to invest in or not.

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We realised that a lot of investment platforms are launching daily and promising users huge daily income and the end up defrauding users. This is why we are writing this review to provide answers to questions you might have about the like “Is Legit or Fake”, “How to withdraw on Is Legit or “, etc.

What Is Is claims to be a mining company with several mining equipment. the company claims it leases its wide range of mining equipments to interested investors to use to mine cryptocurrencies and make money.

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Benefits Of

How To Join & Make Money On Is

To join and start making money on Is, kindly follow the below steps:

  1. Register a new account with this registration link:
  2. After registration, the next step is to recharge your account. Click on the “Recharge” menu on the bottom of the page to initiate the recharge process.
  3. on Recharge page, select “Bank Transfer”  and enter the amount you want to recharge, then click on the “Continue” button which takes you to the payment page which would contain the company’s account.
  4. Make the payment to the company account details and within few minutes, your wallet will be credited.
  5. Click on the “Power” menu item on the bottom of the screen. This would load the list of available investment plans. Select the investment plan you want and click on “Purchase Power” Investment Plans

PlanPriceDaily IncomeTotal Revenue
POWER 1N5000N1,000N30,000
POWER 2N10,000N2,000N60,000
POWER 3N20,000N4,000N120,000
POWER 4N35,000N7,000N210,000
POWER 5N50,000N10,000N300,000
POWER 6N80,000N16,000N480,000
POWER 7N100,000N20,000N600,000
POWER 8N200,000N50,000N1,500,000
POWER 9N300,000N75,000N2,250,000
POWER 10N500,000N125,000N3,750,000 Red Flags

  • High returns on investment within a very short period of time. An event mostly associated with Ponzi schemes.
  • The company has no physical operation base or office location
  • The owners and top management team of the company are unknown
  •  The anonymous ownership of is the first indication of danger. Referral program

When you participate in referral program, you get paid up to three referral levels. When you refer someone and the person invest in a plan, you earn1% of their investment amount. For level 2 referrals, you earn 6% and for level 3 referrals, you earn 2%.

Is Legit?

Based on our review, is a ponzi scheme that can crash at anytime. So you should avoid this platform.

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