Is Wepa Rewards Bot Legit or Scam?

This is a blog post about a newly launched and trending money-making bot in Nigeria that promises users the opportunity to earn huge sum of money just by performing simple tasks. This blog review is about the wepa rewards bot. We would provide you with all the information you need to know about this bot and also answer the popular question of “is wepa rewards bot legit”.

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What is Wepa Rewards Bot

Wepa rewards bot (WEPAREWARDSBOT) is a telegram bot that was launched on the 24th of December 2023. THe platform claims to allow users to make money online.’The bot can be accessed on telegram via this link

The Wepa Bot claims to be an innovative platform that makes financial opportunities accessible to everyone. THe platform claims to have developed a wide range of smart tools which they use to empower everyday people to achieve their goals.

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How To Make Money From Wepa Bot

You can make money on the wepa reward bot in 2 ways. You can either engage with the bot to earn 1,000 naira per minute or you refer other people to the bot and earn 10,000 naira per referral.

Here is how much you earn on the bot.

  • 1,000 naira per minute of engagement
  • 10,000 naira per referral

Follow the below steps to make money on wepa bot

  1. Launch the bot via the url at
  2. Type “FREE REWARDS” and press the enter button to earn 1,000 naira. You can do this once every minute.
  3. Type “INVITE FRIENDS” to get your referral link which you can share with your friends to ean 10,000 naira per referral.
  4. Type “BALANCE” to check how much you have earned

Is Wepa Rewards Bot Legit?

Wepa Rewards bot is a scam.¬†From our review and after using the bot, we can confirm that it is a scam and you won’t get paid. When you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount and you initiate a withdrawal request by typing the “WITHDRAW” command to the bot, you will be asked to enter the amount you want to withdraw, your phone number and your banking details. After inputting those details and you click on “CONFIRM”, the bot would request that you make an activation fee payment of 5,000 naira to an opay account to activate your account and enable you to withdraw your earnings. Do not make the payment, because if you do, your money will be lost forever.

Below is the evidence of the bot requesting for 5,000 naira activation fee payment to enable users to withdraw their earnings.

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