Is Pyth Airdrop Legit or Scam & How To Claim

The Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop is designed to distribute PYTH Tokens to active community members and DeFi participants who used decentralized applications powered by Pyth data in preparation for participation in the network’s on-chain governance.

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The pyth network airdrop launched at the beginning of 2024, and the deadline to claim your airdrop is February 18, 2024 at 14:00 UTC. The community will have 90 days between the announcement of the airdrop and the end of the program to claim their tokens.

Allocated tokens that are unclaimed by the deadline will be returned to the treasury and considered for other
community initiatives.

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How To Be Eligible For Pyth Network Airdrop

Eligibility for the airdrop program is based on contributions to the Pyth Network ecosystem and usage of the Pyth oracle through decentralized applications that use Pyth data on-chain.

You can determine your eligibility by referring to the Eligibility Criteria and Distribution blog post or going directly to the Airdrop Claim Page and connecting your wallets and your Discord account if relevant.

It is not possible to become eligible for the airdrop program if the Airdrop Claim Page indicates that you are not eligible for any allocation.

How To Claim Airdrop

Please assess your eligibility by reading the Retrospective Airdrop blog post carefully. If you believe you are eligible and wish to proceed with the claim process, please go to the Airdrop Claim Page.

The Airdrop Claim Page will walk you through the process. You will need to connect and sign your wallets and/or connect your Discord account if relevant. You will need a Solana-native (SPL) wallet to collect your allocation.

The Airdrop Claim Page will remain open until February 18, 2024 at 14:00 UTC.

Is Pyth Airdrop Legit?

Yes, the pyth network airdrop is legit by a legitimate cryptocurrency establishment.


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