Is Woof Labs Airdrop Legit or Scam | Eligibility & How To Claim

THis blog post is a review of woof labs airdrop. We would discuss on how you can participate in the airdrop and claim free $woof tokens.

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Woof labs is a cryptocurrency platform that launched the popular woof token on the solana blockchain.

Woof Token Information

  • Total Supply will be 1 Billion
  • There are plans to list it on Centralized Exchanges
  • 6 decimals Tojen address
  • Date to Claim Airdrop: 1st February 2024

How To Participate In Woof Airdrop

To be among the participants of the woof airdrops, the woof lab has organized a 10 days airdrop event where they tweet a form link everyday for users to fill with their wallet details. Users who successfully fill all the forms for all 10 days would be eligible to claim the free $woof airdrop which would be live on the 2nd of february, 2024.

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The 10-day airdrop event took place on the 21st to 31st of January, 2024.

How To Claim Woof Labs Airdrop

Community members who participated in the Airdrop Series can now Claim Their $WOOF tokens🎉

  1. Visit:
  2. Copy and Paste your Solana wallet address in the search field
  3. Press Search Button and wait for at least 2 minutes as Our Dapp searches through a Million wallet addresses this process takes time
  4. If your wallet is eligible for the Airdrop a green “Claim” button will appear below the search field
  5. Press that Green “Claim” Button and it will open Metaplex’s Gumdrop. it will also show your allocation but this number is wrong and will have 6 extra zeroes just ignore it. And connect your wallet, make sure that you’re on Mainnet
  6. You will see the Another Claim Button on this Gumdrop website just press it and confirm the transaction on your wallet
  7. Voila you’re done
  8. Hodl These Tokens as we are sure that their Value will increase over time as we start our journey and Dominate Solana for Forever!

Is Woof Labs Airdrop Legit?

Yes, the woof lab airdrop is legit. Users who participated in  the 10 days airdrop series were able to claim their free airdrops.

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