Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched long time investment platform that launched on the 26th of ugust, 2023. The company promises users the ability to earn money just by investing in its platform. Ten-cent claims to be a copany that rents out exquisite and high end cars to its customers. The company want people to invest and help it in purchasing new cars, and when the cars are rented out to customers, investors earn daily return of about 15% – 30% for about 48 days.

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Ten-cent can be an avenue for you to make extra income, but we need to confirm if the platform is real or not, which is why we are making this review, to analyse everything about ten-cent and determine if its safe for investment or its a fraudulent website. Benefits

  • Register and receive 300 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal 1,000 naira
  • Minimum investment 2,500 naira
  • Minimum deposit 2,200 naira

How To Invest and Make Money

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Login to your account and deposit funds by clicking on the deposit button and following the instruction
  • After depositing, to invest, click on products on the left menu and select the product you want to invest in
  • Click on Invest now, then start to receive earnings everyday. Investment Plans

CARAmountYou receiveDuration
CAR OD2,500.00305.0048 Days
CAR OO6,000.00890.0048 Days
CAR PP10,000.001,300.0048 Days
CAR DG18,000.002,200.0048 Days
CAR HH30,000.003,500.0048 Days
CAR VC50,000.006,100.0048 Days
CAR FS70,000.009,000.0048 Days
CAR CX110,000.0013,000.0048 Days
CAR QS180,000.0026,000.0048 Days


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How To Withdraw Your Earnings

TO withdraw your earnings on, you need to have accumulated up to 1,000 naira, then you login to your dashboard and on the left menu, click on Cashout, then select bank withdrawal, then enter the amount you want to withdraw, the account number, and the bank name. After that, click on the “Withdraw Now” button. You would receive your money in your account within minutes.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 2000, and the withdrawal will arrive within 3 minutes. There is no limit to the number of withdrawals you can make as it offers 24 hours withdrawal. Also note that only one bank account can only be bound to one ten-cent account

How To Make Money From Referral Bonus offers users the opportunity to make money through referral bonus. When you Invite friends to join the company to recharge, you get to earn 20% of the recharge amount as a reward

Is Legit? has a lot of characteristics of a ponzi scheme. Basically these platforms are run by Nigerians who basically use new investors money to pay old investors. Since this business model is not sustainable, it would crash one day.

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