Is Toyotanu Legit or Scam (

A new investment platform just launched and it is called Toyotanu. In this blog post, we would be reviewing it to determine if its legit or scam. Ride along with us.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Registration bonus of 600 naira.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount of ₦600.
  • You can receive cash bonus every day,up to ₦10000.
  • There is no time limit for withdrawal, you can initiate withdrawal at any time.

How To Join

It is very easy to join the toyotanu platform and start making money. Follow the below steps.

  • Register an account with this registration link
  • Fill in your details like full name, email address and phone number
  • Click on the register button

How To Invest & Make Money has a lot of investment packages that you can key into. In total, they offer 9 investment packages in which you can select anyone to invest in and earn daily returns. The lowest investment package costs just 3,000 naira, and it offers you the opportunity to earn 360 naira daily for 30 days, which is a daily 12% return on investment. The most expensive investment plan costs just 1,000,000 naira and you get 510,000 naira everyday for 5 days.

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To invest in any of investment plan, follow the below process.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the deposit buton to deposit money to your wallet
  • Enter the amount you are willing to pay, the minimum deposit amount is ₦3000
  • Follow the steps until you get to the payment information page. Select the bank provided on the page.
  • Then you will see their official deposit bank information, please copy this information to your bank website or application, and fill in this information to the remittance beneficiary.
  • After completing the transfer, the amount will be added to your balance immediately.
  • If your deposit is successful, but the amount has not been reflected in your balance, please contact customer service immediately, and they will reply you as soon as possible

Toyotanu Investment Plans

Vehicle ModelCycle(days)Daily income (₦)Total income (₦)Price (₦)
URBAN CRUISER3036010,8003,000
TOYOTA VITZ301,35040,5009,000
LAND CRUISER 3002012,000240,00060,000
LAND CRUISER 70 SERIES1596,0001,440,000300,000


How To Make Money From Referrals

Invite friends to invest and get a huge commission. If you invite your friends to invest ₦10,000 in Toyota, you can get a commission reward of ₦2,000. If you have 10 friends, you can get ₦20,000 The more you invite, the more you get

1. Successfully invite friends to register to get a lucky draw chance;

2. There is no limit to the number of referral, the more refers, the more lucky draws, and the more bonuses you will get;

3. The bonuses obtained by the lucky draw are immediately distributed to your balance, which can be directly withdrawn or used for investment.

Is Legit?

Toyotatanu is a ponzi scheme that would crash one day. So it is important you excercise cautio before investing so you dont loose your money. Use this registration link to register and get free 600 naira bonus.

32 thoughts on “Is Toyotanu Legit or Scam (”

  1. I have investment twice in this platform,yes I got my registration bonus withdrawed into my account
    I invested 3000 into the account RGMFB/Remin Gado mfb
    The later in the day yesterday I invest 45000 naira for the limited hot product into the same account and it’s has not reflected in my account unknown to me the limited sale has it own separate account which is ORGANE tech ltd
    Pls how can it reflects in my balance
    I tried contact and chatting with the customer care no response

  2. 100% scam, I wonder why they will give you bonus and insist you must invest 3000 first before you can withdraw, that’s not all after you withdraw the 600 and the second withdrawal will be successful, afterwards you’re on your own, no withdrawal will be ever approve again. They’re bastards people and they have up to 4 platforms they are running and currently now this toyotanu and the other site are not connecting on net, every please be careful.

  3. That is the what am facing now can’t withdraw first payment bonus I withdraw successfully after I actually invested 3k and 9k I can’t withdraw the money out and i chatted with their customer I was told that i can’t withdraw the money until I investment 45k that how they will started paying me and I told them that they are s big scam the person did not reply till now that wasting of money

  4. I invest 3000 at the initial and they gave me my registeration fees but after that they ask me to invest in the welfare product for me to be withdrawing any time i want. Which is 45k now for me to withdraw 20k is a problem the list i can withdraw is 2k every day. This people are thivies run for your life pls.

  5. Omo why scam come full Nigeria like this but for other countries this are same thing they did that benefits the societies and they’re all getting rich but chai my father land….. Why na

  6. At first invested 3k I was making a withdrawer successfully I now decided to invest in the welfare bonus 45k uptill now I didn’t see any money to withdraw again all my October salary just went away like that the most painful part is that borrowed 9k to make that money complete I never new dey were a scammer I don’t know how am going to eat for this month like this am too broke right now and the plan I have now is too go sell my phone becs I don’t have anything left with me again they ruin me totally

  7. Say no to any online investment apps they are all scams, Toyota is scam I only withdraw once and now it’s telling me to deposit 23,000 and invest again in other to unlock my withdraw just imagine.. all the withdraw have been trying are rejected non is approved,make I deposit another month after my 3k,Ogun kill una

    • Please tell me more about it, I invested 3k and I’ve been withrawing successfully, but I tried withrawing 4k they later told me rejected that I need to deposit 23k to unlock my withraws, plz we can chat on WhatsApp
      +23408132986573 thanks

  8. My own story is very funny,

    My friend introduced Toyota to me, I immediately invested 45k without thinking twice thinking they are for real, they gave Me 10k as bonus immediately and 3k as cash back, ordinary to withdraw that 13k first, they rejected it saying I should recharge 60k to invest in LAND CRUISER before my withdrawal can be accepted,

    I said no problem, I wanted till my investment turn to 60k, I used it to buy the 60k package and while trying to with 26k again, they refer me back to deposit 45k again to purchase another product, I waited till the investment reach 45k, I used it again to buy another 45k , I tried to withdraw again, they refer me again to buy another 45k product again, very Wicked, heartless and funny set of criminals.

    As at the time of writing thus report, I have invested like 6 of their different categories of investment products with the initial deposit of 45k and they have never allowed me to withdraw a penny. Directing me up and down, fooling their papa say they they dey fool me.

    I even went ahead to invest on the package of 190k to be earning 57k daily and funny enough, My balance as at this moment is 1.2m and they no allow me withdraw a penny

  9. Your company is a big scam I invested 45k for the limited offer only for my money to return back to me and you pple said I should invest in 60k to unlock my withdrawal okay I did that now you apple refuse me from withdrawing my money,no problem,my family and friends will never invested in your so called company.

  10. Thank goodness that I haven’t done it,make I keep my money use am do better thing,i only came online to do findings if it’s real 😏, God and karma is coming for them soon as they are scamming people

  11. God really save me,I wanted to invest more when I have successfully redraw#5000,one spirit told me I should come and ask questions first and now I have been reading negative comment about them,God really save me

  12. Hmmmmm😭😭😭😭 my brothers and sisters I just want to say a very big thanks to you all that have commented you all save me from them
    In anything investment platform online is a scam currently am into 3 of them and have ever pay me the funniest thing is that the first investment platform I come across I was so excited and by then I didn’t have any thing at hand and there was some money that my pastor gave me to keep for him I take out of that money and invested till now it was only 450 that I have withdraw
    I feel like crying for myself NO wonder they said no short cut to success

  13. Wow! Remain small for me to invest on welfare product, hmm, I thought is legit like the one I’m into. I’m in very legit platform called camel movie. 09048051834 for details.or “Ib Tadi” on face book

  14. Infact run for toyotanu.
    They are big thieves with cool response even swearing with God that they are legit.
    A Friend of mine did 31500 and they told him to invest 45k before he can start unlock withdrawal thieve upon thieve


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