Is Legit or Scam?

Vulcan ( is a new investment platform in Nigeria that allow users make money from the comfort of their home. The platform provides investment packages that pay between 11% to 20% daily. A lot of Nigerians are looking for extra means to make income for them selves and many are considering whether to invest in Vulcanma or not. In this review, we woud be checking if Vulcanma is Legit or is scam.

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Vulcanma claims to be the investment arm of Vulcan Materials Company, which is america’s largest producer of construction aggregates like primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel, and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials, including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete.

Vulcanma claims it has reached various consensuses with the African Union, and will provide material support and technical support for major projects in Africa, and make contributions to the development of Africa within its capacity. Also make efforts to develop the African market. Let us build a better Africa together.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Registration bonus of 500 naira
  • get 20% referral bonus for level 1
  • You get 5% referal bonus for level 2
  • Instant withdrawal


How to Make Money with Vulcan?

Invest in Projects

Choose the common project you want to invest in, and Vulcan will invest the money you and other users invest in the common project, and the construction project will bring you profits.

Follow the below steps to invest in Vulcanma.

  1. Register an account with this registration link
  2. Login to your dashboard and click on “deposit” on the wallet page, enter the amount you are willing to invest, the minimum deposit amount is ₦2800.
  3. After that, click on the “Confirm” to go to payment information page.  An account would be generated for you. Make payment to the account and click the button “I have made payment”.
  4. Immediately, your account would be funded.
  5. You can now start invest in any Vulcan projects with the money you just funded in your account.
  6. If your deposit is successful, but the amount has not been reflected in your balance, please contact customer service immediately, and they will reply you as soon as possible

Vulcanma Investment Packages

Project NamePrice (₦)Investment Cycle (Days)Daily ProfitTotal Profit
Mambilla Hydropower Project2800303129360
Second Niger Bridge Project90003091227360
Dantin-Kawwa Irrigation Canal2500015316847520
School Expansion and Renovation65000157680115200
Cameroon Nachtigal Dam1000001516320244800
N’Djili, Drinking Water Treatment Plant1800001530720460800
Social Security Housing Projects in Mauritius280000560000300000
CAP Djinet Seawater Desalination Plant55000052400001200000
Fouka 2 Seawater Desalination Plant100000055280002640000


Invitation rewards (Referral Bonus)

Invite other users to join Vulcan , and when they invest in Vulcan, you can earn up to 20%+5%+1% commission. If you are good at internet marketing, don’t miss this opportunity!.

Invite friends to invest and get a huge commission. If you invite your friends to invest ₦10,000 in Vulcan, you can get a commission reward of ₦2,000 naira. If you have 10 friends, you can get ₦20,000 The more you invite, the more you get paid. offers unlimited referral bonus when people invest in projects through your referral link. To get started, copy your referral link to invite your friends, share the link with them and you will get referral bonus when your referrals invest in Vulcan projects.

Referral bonus will be added to your balance automatically and you can use them to invest in a project to earn profit.

  • You earn 20% of your LV.1 friends investment money.
  • You earn 5% of your LV.2 friends investment money.
  • Referral bonus can not be withdrawn directly.
  • you will get ₦2000 for referral bonus, when your clients in LV. 1 invest ₦10000
  • you will get ₦4000 for referral bonus, when your clients in LV. 1 invest ₦20000
  • You get reward bonus for uploading screenshots of withdrawal proof after you get withdrawal money.

Upload voucher rewards

After a successful withdrawal from vulcanma, if you upload the payment proof on the website, you earn bonus.

Click “withdrawal record” on the wallet page. You can upload screenshots of the withdrawal alert after your withdrawal has been approved and successfully paid. The bonus will be added to your wallet once it is verified and approved.

The information (time, amount) in the screenshot must match the actual withdrawal payment order; otherwise, it will be rejected. Members are permitted to contact any member displayed on the withdrawal proofs page to verify authenticity and reliability.

How To Withdraw

Withdrawal rules:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is ₦500. As long as the withdrawal amount reaches ₦500, you can initiate a withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw only once a day everyday.
  • Withdrawal time is daily between 9:00am – 17:00pm
  • As long as the withdrawal is approved, the finance department will deposit the money into your withdrawal bank account. According to the inter-bank remittance rules, it will take up to 24 hours for the money to arrives/reflects into your bank account.
  • The payment channel charges 10% of the total amount of remittances for government taxes, platform management costs and API costs (application programming interface). Apart from this, vulcan does not charge any other fees to members.
  • If the withdrawal fails due to unpredictable reasons, the money will be returned to your balance without paying a 10% handling fee. Once the withdrawal amount is returned, you can withdraw again.
  • For example, if you withdraw ₦1000, there will be a handling fee of 1000*10% = ₦100, and you will get ₦900.
  • Members must ensure that the bank account information for withdrawal is correct, otherwise you will be responsible for the losses caused by Vulcan’s payment to the wrong bank account due to your own mistakes.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and scam impersonating the popular american engineering firm Vulcan Material ( The platform operates a ponzi scheme and it would soon crash. Be careful before investing.  You can register through this registration link

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  1. That’s true…
    You can’t withdraw your money. I invested 2800. Few days later I try withdrawal I was asked to deposit another 25,000 before I could withdraw. Who does that

  2. Please, what’s the relationship between Vulcanma and Royal shell? They have similar modus operandi, are the investment platforms related?

  3. The same problems I am facing, I invested N64k at first, when I tried to withdraw, they locked my account, asking me to recharge another N25k before I could withdraw. After all arguments and convincingly getting my to recharge, I’m still unable to withdraw from VULCAN. Now they are asking my to recharge another N180,000 before I can withdraw.
    Are they for real!

  4. The same happen to me I invested 45k and they lock my account and keep telling me to recharge 65k I use the money in my wallet to invest the 65k still my account is still lock later still asking me to recharge 180k for which country be that just dey play..

  5. I also have the same problem,now I have more than #5million in the account but am unable to withdraw,they ask me to recharge #180000 to unlock,why is the withdrawal locked without any offence


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