Is Legit or Scam? is a new investment platform that just launched and it promises users the ability to invest and earn high returns on their investment daily. The company is promising that users can make about 12% returns on their investment daily. What this means is that if you invest 10,000 naira for example, you earn 1,200 naira daily for 120 days. The returns are very high.

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Zijing Investment claims it is a sister company of Zijin Mining which is a large multinational mining group that is engaged in the global exploration and development of copper, gold, zinc and lithium, as well as engineering and technological research.

Zijin Mining shares trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the ticker code 2899, and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the code 601899.

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When you join jiging investment, you get access to the following benefits
  • ₦100 cash as registration bonus.
  • You earn 28% + 1% + 1% of 3 levels referral commission.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is ₦ 1000
  • Withdraw anytime 24×7 and you get credited instantly

How to Register On

  • Register an account using this registration url
  • Fill in your information including phone number, email and password
  • Click on the register button Investment Plans

Mine NameDaily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)Serving Time (Days)Income per Day (₦)
Duobaoshan Copper Mine21625,9201201,800
Bor Copper Complex30036,0001202,000
Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine60072,0001203,000
Kolwezi Copper Mine1,560187,2001206,000
Rosebel Gold Mine6,000720,00012020,000
Zijinshan Copper-Gold Mine17,5002,100,00012050,000
Yixingzhai Gold Mine40,0004,800,000120100,000
Shuiyindong Gold Mine90,00010,800,000120200,000
Norton Gold Fields250,00030,000,000120500,000
Aurora Gold Mine550,00066,000,0001201,000,000


Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi website impersonating Zijin mining group co. ltd (, which is a popular mining company based in Hong Kong. Do business with them at your own risk.

Since its a ponzi website that just launched today (02/08/2023), you can make use of the opportunity and be one of the earliest users and cash out before it crashses. Join Using this link

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