Is Legit or Scam?

About is a newly launched investment platform that claims to help people make money through investments.  Wih wapal, you can invest in an investment plan and earn 10% daily. This review would provide you with information to let you know if is legit or a scam.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be a finance platform with the soul aim of helping people make money. Below is the about of the company copied from its websit.

Wapal has established a framework to enable issuance of Sustainability-Linked Bonds within Wapal’ EMTN program. The framework aligns with the Sustainability-Linked Bonds Principles 2020 (SLBP).

We finance our operations and investments through a combination of our own generated cash flow and external funding. We are a reliable and valued partner in financial markets, and cultivating relationships with our key debt capital investors is an inherent part of our financing strategy.

Funding goal and principles

Our overall funding goal is to secure adequate and sufficient supply of capital and to minimise, within stipulated internal directives and adopted risk limits, long-term funding costs.

Our business operations are capital intensive with major seasonal fluctuations. This makes it necessary to have both short- and long-term funding available to secure our financial flexibility needs.

Risk management – liquidity risks

Managing financial risks are an inherent part of our operating activities through its international operations. We are exposed to a number of financial risks, why the monitoring and control of financial risks is important for Wapal.

Additional information see the Annual Report note Capital structure and financing items.


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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:27th January, 2024
Domain Registration Date:20th January, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:20th January, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission10%
Referral Commission25%
No. of Visits805
Last Visit:18 hours ago Features & Benefits

  • Welcome bonus is 300 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 800 naira
  • 3% handling fee is charged for withdrawal,
  • 3.Withdrawal time: Monday to Sunday anytime.

How To Deposit

When you click deposit, the order of “Titan Paystack” and “WEMA” two banks will pop up randomly, if your bank can’t make payment to “Titan Paystack”, you can exit and get a new order, it will change randomly until ” WEMA”.

The minimum deposit is ₦ 3000, as long as it is higher than this amount, you can arbitrarily modify the amount you need to deposit. You also get bonus anytime you deposit. These are the bonuses you get.

  • If you deposit ₦50,000, you will get an extra ₦7,500
  • If you deposit ₦60,000, you will get an extra ₦9,000
  • If you deposit ₦100,000, you will get an extra ₦15,000
  • If you deposit ₦150,000, you will get an extra ₦30,000
  • If you deposit ₦580,000, you will get an additional ₦116,000
  • If you deposit ₦1,000,000, you will get an additional ₦200,000 Investment Plans

ProductInvestmentInterestInvestment Cycle (Days)Price (₦)
String Inverter™₦2,000.00₦200.00 / DAY30 Days₦2,000.00
Energy Storage Inverter™₦5,000.00₦500.00 / DAY30 Days₦5,000.00
Battery System™₦10,000.00₦1,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦10,000.00
EV Charger™₦20,000.00₦2,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦20,000.00
Accessories™₦50,000.00₦5,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦50,000.00
Power x -ESS BMU™₦100,000.00₦10,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦100,000.00
Power X1 Boost 3.6kW Single Phase™₦200,000.00₦20,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦200,000.00
Power X2 Boost 4.6kW Single Phase™₦300,000.00₦30,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦300,000.00
Power X6 Boost 10.6kW Single Phase™₦500,000.00₦50,000.00 / DAY30 Days₦500,000.00

How To Make Money Via Referrals

You can make a lot of money from referrals when you invite people to join wapal and invest in an investment plan. You get 25% of your level 1 referral investment amount. You basically also earn weekly commission when you invite someone.

Weekly salary task report:

  • Invite 4 people to join and recharged their account will get an additional 1600 credit for weekly salary.
  • Invite 8 people to join and recharged there account will receive an additional 3200 credit for weekly salary.
  • Invite 16 people to join and recharged their account will receive an additional 6400 credit for weekly salary.
  • Invite 32 people to join and recharged their accounts will receive an additional 9600 credit for weekly salary.

Details About

WAPAL – Home

Wapal – Best way to earn

IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company’s leadership team or owners are unknown. This is a major red flag
  2. The company fails to provide information about how it makes money for its investors
  3. The company basically operates a ponzi or pyramid scheme
  4. The company  is not a registered or licensed investment platform.

Is Legit or Scam? is just one of the latest ponzi schemes in town. It has no evidence to sugest that it is legit.

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