Is WEN Airdrop Legit or Scam | How To Claim Airdrop

$WEN is a special kind of digital currency known as a cryptocurrency. It is a community coin created on the Solana blockchain. Unlike traditional coins, $WEN is unique because it is based on a fractionalized Non-Fungible Token (NFT). In simpler terms, it represents a share of ownership in a poem created by @weremeow, which has been divided into a trillion pieces.

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This experimental approach aims to showcase the capabilities of the Solana blockchain and create a community-driven coin with a specific purpose. $WEN is not just a form of digital money; it is a symbol of collaboration and innovation within the Solana community. The token was designed to give back to the community in meaningful ways and explore new possibilities in the world of cryptocurrency.

What makes $WEN special?

  • The first community coin based off a fractional NFT.
  • Official launch on Jupiter’s LFG launchpad.
  • First NFT minted on the WNS NFT standard.
  • Distributed to 1M+ active Solana wallets.

$WEN Token Allocations

The allocation breakdown is straightforward:

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  • 70% Airdrop
  • 20% LP (Liquidity Pool)
  • 10% Treasury

The airdrop will be equally distributed among 1M+ wallets, including active Jupiter wallets from the last 6 months, @OvolsNFT holders, @MadLads holders, @tensor_hq holders, @Claynosaurz holders, @GalacticGeckoSG holders, @DegenApeAcademy holders, and Genesis Saga Token holders.

$WEN Airdrop Launch Details

Date: Friday, Jan. 26th
Time: 3 PM UTC / 10 AM EST
Claim Window: Open for 3 days

How To Claim WEN Token (Step By Step)

You can now claim the $WEN airdrop by Jupiter Exchange.

đź”— Link:

  • Open the link and connect your Solana wallet.
  • Click on “Claim”.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Requirements To Claim $WEN Token

The below group of users stand a high chance of winning the wen airdrop

  • Active users of Jupiter.
  • Top NFT collections.
  • Ovol NFT holders.
  • Genesis saga NFT holders.

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