La Buena Vida Products Price List

La Buena Vida is a project that claims to help people in Nigeria to live the good life through a cash flow, lifestyle, and housing platform built on network marketing, commonly known as multi-level marketing. It is managed by a non-governmental organization (NGO) called C21FG. The project aims to help its members and partners live the good life by raising 50,000 millionaires in the connected economy. Through the project, members and partners have access to cash compounding services, discounted and free lifestyle packages globally, health maintenance organizations (HMO) services, dream homes through La Buena Vida’s E-Block Channels, and discounted and free exquisite vacations across choice locations globally.

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To join, one has to pay a stipulated sign-up fee and then make money by recruiting other people who are willing to develop their human and capital resources. The more people one recruits, the more they earn on the program. La Buena Vida has a range of compensation plans for top affiliates and those who have attained leadership in the program. These compensations include car gifts, vacation packages, and housing compensations.

Interested persons can visit their office at Bahamas plaza in Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria. They could also join through their partners and associates who will be responsible for mentoring and nurturing them throughout the program. However, the legitimacy of the program is questionable, and it may not be worth investing in due to the following reasons:

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First, the project is managed by an NGO that requires payment for membership and operates a multi-level marketing business designed to pursue profit, which is suspicious. Second, the information about the project on the La Buena Vida website is not clear and includes testimonials and bogus claims of making people millionaires. Finally, the project’s structure is designed to benefit top affiliates and those who have attained leadership in the program, making it challenging for newcomers to earn substantial returns.

La Buena Vida Packages and their prices:

  • Starter Package  –  ₦44,888
  • Entrepreneur Package – ₦134,664
  • International Package – ₦314,216


La Buena Vida Customer Care Details

Office Address:  204b Bahamas Plaza, Gudu District, Abuja, Nigeria

Email Address:  [email protected]


Whatsapp Number:  +234 705 117 3703

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  1. Good morning Sir/Ma,
    just to know about the package that was said to be given after signing up to this business. I was there at UNILAG Lagos for the introduction of this business.
    I made my first payment then, we were told that very soon our package will be ready and yet, nothing has shown up.
    what then is the next line of action?


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