256 Odu Ifa (pdf Free Download)

There are 256 odu ifa, which consists of 16 Oju Odù and then 260 odu which are gotten from the combination of the 16 Oju Odù. The 256 odu are used to solve various human problems, proffer solution to challenges and also guide humans in all endeavours. We are providing you with all the 256 odu ifa as a pdf document for you to download, read it and learn about the ifa divination.

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The 256 odu ifa form the foundation of the Ifa divination system. Each odu contains a specific message or teaching that can be used to provide guidance to individuals and communities. The odu are traditionally passed down orally from one generation to another by Ifa priests and priestesses.

If you are searching for the list of 256 odu ifa and their meaning, then checkout the pdf we have provided below.

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Download the 256 Odu ifa Pdf

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