Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba & English

This is Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba and English. As Nigerians of Yoruba Descent, it is important that we preserve our culture and heritage.

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Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba

Ogbomoso omo ajilete nbi won gbe n jeka ki won oto muko yangan
ogbomoso afogbo ja bi esu odara. Ngba ogbomoso ba se o n ti o se tan
Bo logbon inu osebi ere ni omo ajileten ba olu ware se ni. Ogun o jaja ki o kogbomoso ri e de inu oko esinmin
Ogbomoso Ajilete si ogo re l’a fe korin, Iwo t’a te s’arin odan, Okan ninu ilu Akin
Ibaruba niwon eledin ese, omo ode bare eti oya
Oun ni baba to se gbogbo won le patapata porogodo
Kekere asa omo ajuuju bala
Agbalagba asa omo ajuuju bala
Kekere ladaba subu tawon ti n je laarin ota
Oloumi kekke lo ti n soko won nile
Kekere lo ti n soko won lóki
Kekere lojo ti n soko won lona iju… Ogbomoso oni daru laase edumare.

Oriki Ogbomoso In English

Ogbomoso, son of Ajilete, where they live, let them be proud of themselves.
Ogbomoso, the one who fights like the devil is not good. When Ogbomoso does what he has done.
If you are wise, the child of Ajileten is a joke to Olu Ware. Ogun does not fight, may you get to the horse’s farm.
Ogbomoso Ajilete to your glory we want to sing, you that is taken in the middle of the river, one in the town of Akin
Ibaruba is the size of the feet, the child of the hunter is the size of it, it’s time to hear
He is the father that made all of them can be complete
The small culture of the child of Ajuuju bala
Elderly culture child of Ajuuju bala
The dove falls down that they have been eating in the midst of enemies.
It’s the little watermelon that has been driving their farm home.
It’s been a while since they were young.
Little by the day driving them to the front.. Ogbomoso will not be scattered by the authority of the Almighty.

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