Oriki Osun Mp3 Download – Yeye Osun

yeye osun river goddess is a popular goddess worshipped by a lot of people, especially the yoruba’s in Nigeria. A lot of people believe Osun goddess can provide for their needs. It was reported that Yeye Osun was one of the wives of ̣Ṣango, the Yoruba god of thunder. And she turned into a river … Read more

Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba & English

This is Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba and English. As Nigerians of Yoruba Descent, it is important that we preserve our culture and heritage. Oriki Ogbomoso In Yoruba Ogbomoso omo ajilete nbi won gbe n jeka ki won oto muko yangan ogbomoso afogbo ja bi esu odara. Ngba ogbomoso ba se o n ti o se … Read more

Oriki Iseyin – Oríkì Ìlú Ìṣẹ́yìn

Oriki Iseyin is a melodic poetry that serves as a powerful means of self-expression, celebrating the heritage and identity of the Yoruba people. Oriki Iseyin combines rhythmic chants, vivid imagery, and praise to honor individuals, deities, and ancestral lineage. Passed down through generations orally, it serves as a bridge between the past and the present, … Read more

Yoruba Oriki Names For Females

below are Yoruba Oriki For Females whether your mother, girlfriend or wife. The below oriki is suitable for any female you want to praise. Complementing a lover in Yoruba involves cultural context and respect. In Yoruba language, complimenting a woman can be expressed through various phrases and gestures. For example, To compliment a woman’s physical … Read more

Yoruba Oriki For Lovers

We would be providing you with Yoruba Oriki For Lovers. These are oriki for your wife, girlfriend, fiancee, husband and boyfriend. These are Yoruba Oriki for both men And women. They are mostly made up of cute yoruba names and praises. Use these romantic yoruba attributes or praises for your woman and man. Love is … Read more