Yoruba Oriki For Lovers

We would be providing you with Yoruba Oriki For Lovers. These are oriki for your wife, girlfriend, fiancee, husband and boyfriend. These are Yoruba Oriki for both men And women. They are mostly made up of cute yoruba names and praises. Use these romantic yoruba attributes or praises for your woman and man.

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Love is a beautiful thing, and finding special ways to express your affection can strengthen your bond with your partner. In Yoruba culture, pet names hold a deep significance and can add an extra layer of intimacy to your relationship. Below are oriki and pet names in Yoruba that you can use to complement your lover and show them how much they mean to you.

Yoruba Oriki For Men (Husband & Boyfriend)

Agun t’aso lo
Ayinla Mi
Atanda Aye mi
Okunri Meta
Okunri bi e Sowon


Yoruba Oriki For Women (Girlfriend & Wife)

Adu ma dan
Apon b’epo re
Eji wun mi
Eyin’ju ege
Arewa Obinrin to Dara bi Egbin
Ibadi aran
El’ese osun
Alo m’oko
Idi Ileke

Yoruba Pet Names For Lovers

  1. Olowo ori mi – Ladies, impress your man by calling him “olowo ori mi”, signifying that he is the one who paid your bride price, aka your husband.
  2. Ife mi – This term translates to “my love” and can be used for both a male (bobo) and female (sisi) partner.
  3. Ododo mi – If you believe your significant other is extremely precious to you, referring to them as “my flower” will convey your feelings.
  4. Onitemi – When it comes to expressing possession romantically, no term does it better than “Onitemi,” meaning “mine”.
  5. Ololufe – If your partner is your one and only love, “ololufe” is the perfect endearment.
  6. Ayanfe Mi – When you have dedicated your whole heart to someone, “Ayanfe” is the ideal pet name for them.
  7. Arewa – Is your girlfriend or wife the most beautiful person you have ever seen? Then nickname her “Arewa.”
  8. Aya mi – Ignore the corrupted term “Iyawo wa” associated with Yoruba demons and their friends. Instead, use “Aya mi,” which means “my wife.”
  9. Orekelewa – There is a beauty that surpasses all others. If your girl falls into this category, “Orekelewa” would be the perfect pet name for her.
  10. Ade ori mi – Sometimes, when you enter a relationship, everything in your life falls into place. If this resonates with you, the best pet name for your blessing or partner is “ade ori mi,” meaning “my crown.


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