Yoruba Oriki Names For Females

below are Yoruba Oriki For Females whether your mother, girlfriend or wife. The below oriki is suitable for any female you want to praise.

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Complementing a lover in Yoruba involves cultural context and respect. In Yoruba language, complimenting a woman can be expressed through various phrases and gestures. For example, To compliment a woman’s physical beauty, Yoruba adjectives can be used, such as Awelewa (very beautiful/pretty), Aponbepore (fair-complexioned), Eleyinjuege (bright and expressive eyes), etc. Another common phrase to compliment someone is “Eku Ise” meaning “Well done”. Cultural practices and respectful expressions play an important role in complementing your lover in Yoruba culture.

Yoruba Oriki For Females

  • Orekelewa
  • Eji wun mi
  • El’ese osun
  • Idi Ileke
  • Arewa
  • Awelewa
  • Apon b’epo re
  • Arewa Obinrin to Dara bi Egbin
  • Ododo mi
  • Onitemi
  • Adu ma dan
  • Ibadi aran
  • Ayanfe
  • Ife mi
  • Ololufe mi
  • Eyin’ju ege

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