Oriki Osun In Yoruba (Osun Praise)

Oore Yeye Osun ooo!. We are bringing to you oriki osun ni yoruba for all osun traditional worshippers who are looking for osun praise song. You can also use this as osun panegyric or eulogy. The Oriki of Osun is a beautiful and captivating piece of Yoruba language that is used to praise the goddess of fertility and beauty, Osun.

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Ore yeye osun.
Osun sengese
Oloriya iyun,
Arewa obinrin,
Osun oyeeyee nimo
Awede wemo.

Yeye mi olowo aro
Yeye mi elese osun
Yeye mi ajimo roro.
Yeye mi abimo ma yanku
Yeye mi alagbo awoye.
Eleti gbaroye
Ogbagba ti gbomo re lojo ija.
Ari bani gbo nipa tomo.

Osun, oyeye nimo
Osun onikii
Afide remo
Apenibu sola
Apelodo soro omo
Osun eni ide kiisu.
Amo awo ma ro.
O wa yanrin wa yanrin kowo si.
Gbadamu gbadamu obinrin kosee gbamu
Obinrin to gbona jokunrin lo.
Omi amo rin, omi a moo sun.
Ore yeye gbami, eni ani ni gbani.




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Mother osun
Praise to the mother of mystery
The one who has comb made of coral beads
The beautiful lady.
Osun the very knowledgeable one
Spirits that cleans me inside out.


My mother with hands coloured by dye
My mother with feet beautified with camwood
My mother who is always found neat.
My mother whose child never dies.
My mother, the owner of super healing decoction.
Ever ready to hear
The one capable of delivering her children.
She who cares for one concerning children.


Osun, gracious mother, full of wisdom!
Osun, gracious mother.
Graceful mother, full of wisdom.
Who adorns his sons with bronze.
Who stays a long time in the bottom of the waters generating wealth.
Who retires to the river to take care of the children
Who does not mind wearing brass bracelets.
Who knows the secrets of the cults but does not reveal them.
Who grazes and grazes sand and buries money in it.
Powerful woman who can not be attacked.
Strong woman more fierce than men.
Flowing water without ceasing.
Great Mother, protect me!
Who we have and who saves us, Osun. save me!

Oriki Osun 2

Osun, the goddess of beauty,
The river that flows in splendor,
The mother of all children,
The goddess of fertility and love.

Osun, the one who brings joy,
The one who heals the sick,
The one who blesses with wealth,
The one who protects her children.

Osun, the one who dances with grace,
The one who sings with the nightingale,
The one who wears the beads of coral,
The one who adorns herself with gold.

Osun, the one who is worshipped by all,
The one who is adored by the devotees,
The one who is the mother of all Orishas,
The one who is the queen of the river.

Osun, we praise you,
We honor you,
We celebrate your beauty and power,
We ask for your blessings and protection.

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