TokkingHeads APK Download for Android (2024)

Tokkingheads is a cool AI app that brings photos to life by animating them. You can use any photo and even add sound to make it talk or sing. It’s perfect for pranking your friends or creating funny videos with portraits saying all sorts of things.

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This app works with any portrait photo, whether it’s of your friends, family, famous people, or even paintings. You can bring old family portraits back to life or surprise your friends with a video of their favorite celebrity saying something hilarious. You can even make the portraits sing or say whatever you want, and you can puppet their faces like Animojis.

The best part is that you can download all the videos for free. If you want faster processing and no watermark, there are paid options available.

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With Tokkingheads, you can import photos from various sources, including your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. If there’s a face in the picture, you can animate it. Plus, you can send text messages along with the videos to add an extra layer of fun.

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