Current Price Of Cement In Nigeria 2024 (Dangote, Bua, Lafarge, etc)

Cement is important in Nigeria. People use it to build houses, roads, and other structures. In Nigeria, cement production is a big industry. Many companies make cement, and Dangote Cement is the largest producer.

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Nigeria used to import a lot of cement, but now it makes most of what it needs. This helps the country save money and create jobs for people. Dangote Cement has played a big role in making Nigeria self-sufficient in cement production.

However, there are some challenges with cement in Nigeria. Sometimes, the price of cement goes up, and this can make it hard for people to afford. Also, the quality of cement is important for safety, so it’s important to make sure that the cement produced in Nigeria meets high standards.

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List Of Cement Companies In Nigeria

Dangote Cement is the largest cement company in Nigeria and is known for its extensive production capacity. It operates cement plants in various parts of the country and has contributed significantly to the nation’s cement supply.

Lafarge Africa is another major player in the Nigerian cement industry. The company has cement plants in different regions, providing a wide distribution network for its products.

Bua Cement is a relatively newer entrant but has rapidly expanded its operations. It focuses on providing quality cement products to meet the country’s construction needs.

Other notable cement companies in Nigeria include Ashaka Cement, Cement Company of Northern Nigeria (CCNN), and United Cement Company of Nigeria (UNICEM).

Prices of Cement In Nigeria

Dangote Cement = 5,500 naira

Lafarge Cement = 5,200 naira

Bua Cement = 5,000 naira

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