Air Peace Flight Schedule and Price for Today 2024

Air Peace Limited, founded in 2013, is Nigeria’s flagship airline and the largest in West Africa. Headquartered in Lagos State, it’s a private airline that plays a vital role in connecting major Nigerian cities and several West African destinations. With a commitment to youth empowerment, its founder, Allen Onyema, aimed to boost economic opportunities. The airline’s growth has been impressive, expanding its fleet to include Boeing 777s and initiating international routes to Ghana, South Africa, and the Middle East. Notably, during the 2019 xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Air Peace offered free evacuation flights to Nigerian citizens. Despite challenges, it remains a prominent player in African aviation.

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Air Peace Flight Schedule Today

P47155Owerri QOWAbuja ABV13:10
P47226Lagos LOSAbuja ABV13:15
P47864Lagos LOSAsaba ABB13:15
P47212Abuja ABVWarri QRW13:40
P47424Lagos LOSKano KAN13:40
P47528Lagos LOSDouala DLA14:00
P47172Abuja ABVBenin BNI14:15
P47444Abuja ABVMaiduguri MIU14:45
P47156Abuja ABVOwerri QOW14:50
P47195Port Harcourt PHCAbuja ABV14:55
P47106Abuja ABVEnugu ENU15:00
P47865Asaba ABBAbuja ABV15:05
P47227Abuja ABVLagos LOS15:15
P47213Warri QRWLagos LOS15:20
P47173Benin BNILagos LOS15:50
P47130Lagos LOSAbuja ABV16:00
P47425Kano KANAbuja ABV16:00
P47529Douala DLALagos LOS16:10
P47157Owerri QOWLagos LOS16:20
P47107Enugu ENULagos LOS16:30
P47199Abuja ABVLagos LOS16:50
P47866Abuja ABVAsaba ABB16:50
P47445Maiduguri MIUAbuja ABV17:05
P47138Lagos LOSAbuja ABV17:20
P47426Abuja ABVKano KAN17:50


Air Peace Flight Prices

  • P47155: Owerri to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦84,000
  • P47226: Lagos to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47864: Lagos to Asaba – Estimated price: ₦63,000
  • P47212: Abuja to Warri – Estimated price: ₦91,000
  • P47424: Lagos to Kano – Estimated price: ₦98,000
  • P47528: Lagos to Douala – Estimated price: ₦112,000
  • P47172: Abuja to Benin – Estimated price: ₦70,000
  • P47444: Abuja to Maiduguri – Estimated price: ₦126,000
  • P47156: Abuja to Owerri – Estimated price: ₦84,000
  • P47195: Port Harcourt to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦98,000
  • P47106: Abuja to Enugu – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47865: Asaba to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦70,000
  • P47227: Abuja to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47213: Warri to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦84,000
  • P47173: Benin to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47130: Lagos to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47425: Kano to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦84,000
  • P47529: Douala to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦126,000
  • P47157: Owerri to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦112,000
  • P47107: Enugu to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦98,000
  • P47199: Abuja to Lagos – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47866: Abuja to Asaba – Estimated price: ₦70,000
  • P47445: Maiduguri to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦119,000
  • P47138: Lagos to Abuja – Estimated price: ₦77,000
  • P47426: Abuja to Kano – Estimated price: ₦84,000

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