Buchymix Price List 2024 (Blender, Juicer, etc)

We would be providing you with the official Buchymix kitchen equipment price list for this year.

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Buchymix is a company that makes really good kitchen tools. They focus on creating things that help you cook better and healthier. The main goal of Buchymix is to give people reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliances. They want to make cooking easy and convenient, and at the same time, help you eat in a healthier way.

The company was started because they had trouble finding good and affordable cooking tools. They either didn’t last long or didn’t have the features they needed. So, Buchymix decided to create their own appliances. They hired top-notch engineers and listened to feedback from people all over the world to make sure their products are the best.

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Buchymix tests each product to make sure it’s of high quality and will give you good results. They use the best materials to make sure the product is strong and will last a long time. They make things like blenders, pressure cookers, slow juicers, air fryer ovens, and more.

Buchymix Price List In Nigeria

  1. Buchymix Food Processor – ₦ 138,500
  2. Photo – Buchymix High Speed Blender – ₦ 139,500
  3. BUCHIMIX 3litters Sound Proff Blender -₦ 200,000
  4. Buchymix Dehydrator & Air-fryer Oven With 3D Heating – ₦ 265,000
  5. Buchymix Premium Masticating Cold-Press High-Torque Juicer – ₦ 180,000

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