Is Blast Airdrop Legit or Scam, Eligibility & How To Claim

Blast is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network that offers benefits to users and developers. Unlike other L2s, Blast provides native rewards in the form of interest for holding Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins. This interest, or yield, is generated from ETH staking and Real World Asset (RWA) protocols within the network.

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By utilizing Blast, users can earn a 4% yield on ETH and a 5% yield on stablecoins automatically. This means their holdings grow over time without needing to take any extra actions.

One big advantage of Blast is that it helps combat inflation. After Ethereum’s merge, it offers a 4% yield on ETH, while on-chain T-Bill protocols provide 5% yield on stablecoins. If users don’t match or beat these rates, they could be losing money due to inflation.

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Steps To Claim Blast Airdrop

  1. Navigate to the Blast Airdrop Application Website: Visit the website specified for the Blast Airdrop application.
  2. Connect Your EVM Wallet: Use a compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) wallet to connect to the Airdrop application. This could be MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other EVM-compatible wallet.
  3. Enter Beta Access Codes: Use the provided beta access codes (T77EF, CPISV, YVVR8) when prompted on the Airdrop application website.
  4. Follow Blast on Social Media: Follow @BLAST_L2 on the specified social media platforms, such as Twitter or Discord.
  5. Join the Blast Discord: Join the Blast Discord community to stay updated and engaged with the project.
  6. Connect Your Social Accounts: Connect your social media accounts as required by the Airdrop application.
  7. Verify Airdrop Eligibility: Complete the verification process to confirm your eligibility for the Airdrop. This may involve completing certain tasks or providing necessary information.
  8. Bridge Assets to Blast L2: Transfer any amount of assets to the Blast Layer 2 (L2) network within the specified time frame to claim the Airdrop. This could involve bridging Ethereum (ETH) or stablecoins to the Blast L2 network.
  9. Earn Yield and Blast Points: By bridging assets to Blast L2, you can earn yield and Blast Points, which contribute to your overall rewards.
  10. Participate in Weekly Spins and Invitations: Gain spins weekly based on your deposits, and invite friends to boost your points tally for additional rewards.
  11. Redeem Points: After accumulating Blast Points, you can redeem them in May 2024 for rewards. The more assets you bridge, the greater the rewards.
  12. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on announcements and updates from Blast to ensure you don’t miss any important information regarding the Airdrop.

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