Is Legit or Scam?

There is a new self acclaimed Long term project available that claims to allow Nigerians make money through online investment. The company claims it is into the buying and selling of clothes. so the company is raising investment from individuals to use in procuring more goods and as it sells the goods daily, it pays its investors daily returns.

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Bossearnings Benefits

  • Welcome bonus #100
  • Minimum withdrawal #980
  • Minimum deposit #1000
  • Withdrawal charges 5%

How To Join

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BossPriceReturnReturn TimesRio Back
BOSS 11,000.00 NGN200.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 22,000.00 NGN335.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 33,000.00 NGN500.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 46,000.00 NGN1,005.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 512,000.00 NGN2,015.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 621,000.00 NGN3,530.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 730,000.00 NGN5,050.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 850,000.00 NGN8,450.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 9100,000.00 NGN17,000.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 10200,000.00 NGN34,000.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 11250,000.00 NGN40,000.00 NGN40Every Day


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Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme that can crash at anytime.

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