Is Real or Scam?

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Launched Date:29th September, 2023
Domain Registration Date:24th September, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:24th September, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
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Referral Commission%
No. of Visits888
Last Visit:6 days ago Features & Benefits

  • Originally launched on 29th September, 2023, then relaunched on 25th February, 2024
  • Minimum Investment: 4000 naira
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 1000 naira Investment Plans

InvestmentPriceRevenue per hourTotal revenueRunning timeNumber of devices
ADA coin trading₦4000₦7.6₦66,576365 days10
BYTOM coin trading₦10,000₦20.83₦182,470.8365 days10
Tesla-Power₦30,000₦75.7₦663,132365 days10
BCD coin trading₦100,000₦232₦2,032,320365 days10
EOS coin trading₦50,000₦110₦963,600365 days10
LTC coin trading₦300,000₦781₦6,841,560365 days10
Benz-Power₦500,000₦1388₦12,158,880365 days5
BCH coin trading₦1,000,000₦2780₦24,352,800365 days10
XRP coin trading₦2,000,000₦5555₦48,661,800365 days5

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Nameservers Referral Program

Here’s how the reward structure works:

When you invite someone to join the app, and they register, you’ll get 20 NGN.

The person you invite is your Level 1 (Lv1) user.

When Lv1 buys a device, you get 8% of the device price. You also get 5% of the total revenue generated by Lv1’s device.

The Lv1 user can invite others, becoming Lv2 for those users.

You get 2% of the device price when Lv2 buys a device. You also get 2% of the total revenue generated by Lv2’s device.

Lv2 users can then invite others, becoming Lv3 for them.

You get 1% of the device price when Lv3 buys a device. You also get 1% of the total revenue generated by Lv3’s device.

The more people you invite and the more devices they buy, the more rewards you’ll receive. Red Flags

  1. The company fails to provide clear information about potential conflicts of interest.
  2. The recruitment process heavily focuses on bringing in new investors rather than selling actual products or services.
  3. The company has a history of being investigated or shut down by regulatory authorities.
  4. The company promotes a get rich quick mentality rather than long-term investing.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam

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