Is DopTest Airdrop Legit or Scam | Eligibility & How To Claim Airdrop (Dop Testnet)

Doptest (Dop Testnet) is a protocol that lets you use zero-knowledge proofs on Ethereum to decide which crypto assets and transactions to make public. Binance supports this protocol. The test net is open to everyone, and if you finish the task, you might get airdrops. They plan to distribute these airdrops in early 2024.

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Steps To Claim Doptest Airdrop

Visit the Doptest airdrop page

Create your wallet and connect it to your metamask account.

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Complete the below 8 activities to claim the airdrop

  1. Follow DOP on X for the latest updates and announcements, and tweet about the testnet experience
  2. Claim ETH on the Sepolia testnet to be eligible to claim Testnet DOP tokens in the next step..
  3. Get free DOP test tokens to try out DOP’s features..Add the contract to your wallet::
  4. Get Testnet versions of several crypto assets. These will allow you to perform test actions in the wallet.  Import these contracts into your wallet to view the tokens.
  5. Now you will practice encrypting assets with DOP. Then you’ll be able to use the encrypted assets for confidential transactions. Note: You might get a ‘Spending cap request’ on Metamask. We recommend selecting ‘Max’.
  6. Now you will practice sending your encrypted assets. After completing this step, you could check your wallet transactions on the blockchain explorer to see how DOP protocol maintains privacy..
  7. Decrypt some of the assets that were encrypted in Step 5. After the decryption they will go back to being regular tokens that are visible on the blockchain.
  8. Invite at least 3 friends to join and complete step 1 for reward eligibility. Starting with your 4th friend, earn a 20% bonus for each friend who completes the testnet.

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