Is Legit or Scam?

In this review, we would be taking a look at a newly launched investment platform called The company claims to have developed an innovative technology for the production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves.

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The company claims it aim to generate clean & affordable electricity, using a simple but smart design, allowing their floaters to be attached to existing man-made structures, and thereby simplifying installation and maintenance as well as accessibility.

Benefits Of

  • New lunched on 31/10/23
  • Minimum deposit 1k
  • Minimum withdrawal 1k

How To Join and Invest

Follow the below steps to join and make money from the platform.

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  • Firstly create an account with this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the recharge button to add money to your account
  • After recharging, you can now select any investment plan of your choice and invest in it
  • Withdraw your daily earnings

How To Recharge

To recharge, click on the recharge button on the dashboard, enter the amount you want to recharge and click on the continue button. On the next page which is the payment page, you would see the company account details. Make payment to the account and then upload your proof of payment on the same page. Your recharge would be approved within some minutes.

Please do not recharge less than 1000 NGN as it would not reflect in your account. Also if your account has not been received for a long time, please refresh this page. Investment Plans offers a lot of investment plans to suite a wide range of users. The minimum investment plan cost just 1,000 naira and it pays 250 naira daily for 50 days.

PlanDaily profitTotal profitPriceVIP Days
indiGO 2₦250.0012500 NGN1,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 3₦650.0032500 NGN2,500.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 4₦1,450.0072500 NGN5,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 5₦2,550.00127500 NGN12,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 6₦5,550.00277500 NGN20,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 7₦7,550.00377500 NGN30,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 8₦15,550.00777500 NGN60,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 9₦25,550.001277500 NGN100,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 10₦30,550.001527500 NGN120,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 11₦60,550.003027500 NGN250,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 12₦150,550.007527500 NGN500,000.00 NGN50 Day
indiGO 13₦250,550.0012527500 NGN900,000.00 NGN50 Day


Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme created by the same developers who created Reima ponzi scheme which crashed in less than a week after launching. So its better you avoid this platform

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