Is Learnania Africa Legit Or Scam?

In this post, we would be analysing whether Learnania is legit or scam. This information is to enable you make better decisions so you dont fall into the hands of fraudsters. Learnania prides itself as an EdTech Startup revolutionising learning by connecting prospective students to the best African tutors, building educational AI & promoting Africa’s true history.

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We tasked our reviewers to conduct a deep review on learnarnia and below is their feedback.

How the Learnarnia Scam Works

  • The learnania company post a lot of job vacancies online inviting prospective job seekers to apply for its customer service roles. When a job seeker applies, he gets a mail for an online based test/exam from Learnania.
  • The Online test is usually time based around 30 mins, and the questions are usually basic customer satisfaction questions that anyone can answer.
  • When the job seeker completes the tests and submits, a success mail is usually sent to the job seekers email address with a link to an onboarding page. The success mail is shown in below image.

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  • When a user clicks on the onboarding link, he is asked to upload a police clearance certificate.¬†And then the site recommends another website for the job seeker to pay 25,000naira so as to get the Police clearance certificate.
  • The website is basically tricking people to part with 25,000 naira to get a police clearance certificate. Since the same certificate is usually gotten at higher price from Nigerian police stations (around 60,000naira). The job seeker would try to get it from the recommended site for just 25,000naira and that way lose his money to this fraudulent scheme.


Other Reasons To Believe Learnania Is a Scam

Almost everyone who applied for the customer service position received an acceptance email, which seems suspicious considering the number of customer service representatives an edtech startup would actually require.

Learnania directs prospective job seekers to obtain Police clearance certificate from a website called Catios Ventures (

Catios Ventures, recently registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on June 2, 2023, which was just about a month ago. It raises questions about how a company that is relatively new and unknown in Nigeria has become widely recognized as the top recommendation for a pan-African edtech startup.

Catios Ventures requests payment upfront without asking for personal information or required documents. They claim to offer police clearance certificates at a significantly lower price and provide free delivery.

Catios ventures claim to be located at 38, Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse, Abuja. But a check on google map shows no such company exists in that address.


5 thoughts on “Is Learnania Africa Legit Or Scam?”

  1. I got the same mail too earlier on this week that in have been offered a role,it took the test interview and was offered the role of a customer care representative…But thank God i have not proceeded with the payment to get a police report..I was already doubting the authenticity of this organisation…May God help us…

  2. A family member got the job mail, did the interview and also paid the 25,000 for police report and since then till now, they claimed to refund, but no number to call, their Whatsapp is not been responded too, and no way to get the money back.


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