Is Legit or Scam?

In this review, we would be taking a look at a new ponzi scheme in tow to explore everything about it including its offerings, its pros, cons and then give feedback whether you should invest in it or avoid it. Currently in Nigeria, a lot of new ponzi / pyramid schemes are springing up daily and amongst them is This platform claims to be a money making platform that allow Nigerians make money through investment. It offers a wide variety of investment plans for users to choose from.

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Benefits Of

  • Launched on 21/9/2023
  • Capital back in 6 days
  • Minimum withdraw 800 naira
  • Minimum recharge 1200 naira
  • Signup bonus is 500 naira
  • Deposit & Withdrawal is automatic. Just recharge and Invest.

How To Join Mintincome

To join mintincome, register with this registration urlĀ Investment Plans

Mintincome offers 8 investment plans with each plan offering daily returns of between 20% to 23%. The minimum investment plan costs just 1,200 naira and that allow you earn a daily return of 250 naira. The maximum investment plan costs150,000 and with that, you earn 30,000 naira daily

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PlanInitial InvestmentDaily Earnings
Plan A1200250
Plan B2500500
Plan C50001000
Plan D100002000
Plan E300006000
Plan F6000012000
Plan G10000020000
Plan H15000030000


Is Legit or Scam?

Mintincome is a ponzi scheme that launched on 21/9/2023. Ponzi schemes are known to crash at anytime, so if you invest in this platform, you might be cashing out immediately, but you can also loose your money as you dont know when the platform would crash.


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