Is Signet Jewelers Legit or Scam?

Signet Jewelers claims to be one of the world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer which has decided to expand into the Nigerian market and recruit online product agents in 2023. in order for the company to expand more internationally
for market share and further increase its international visibility, the company wants to setup a base in Nigeria and its in need of a reliable team of agents to achieve that. When you become a Signet Jewelers agent, you earn between 10,000 naira to 20,000 naira per day.

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Signet Jewelers ( claims it is a company working with the government, and they are in Nigeria to receive investment and also recruit agent. When you work with signet Jewelers, you earn more, every naira you earn is your labor legal income.

In this blog post, we would be doing a comprehensive review about the signett platform to determine if its legit or a scam.

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How To Make Money On Signet Jewelers

Make Money Via Recruiting Members

The major way to make money on signet is by either purchasing / investing in any of their diamond packages to earn daily interest or by recruiting new members to join and purchase any of the product. Signet claims there are over Ten million naira free gifts that are given away, and to participate in it, complete the invitation task to receive part of the gifts.

Starting from October 26, 2023, if you are able to invites 3 membes to activate any product, you will receive a free event gift with a profit of 74,460 Naira. The maximum number can be 100 members. For every 3 successfully invited, an additional gift of 74,460 Naira will be added. The income can be continuously increased till you get to 100. Below is how much you can make on signet via recruiting members.

  • Total revenue per gift order: 74,460✖️100=7,446,000 Naira
  • Maximum product activation reward: 16,000✖️100=1,600.000 Naira
  • Minimum team commission: 12%+6%+3%=1,563,700 Naira
  • Total income: 7,446,000+1,600.000+1,563,700=10,609,700 Naira

Make Money Via Team Commission

In addition, you can also earn money via team profits and team commissions which gives you a good salary. When the number of people you invite reaches the standard for evaluating, it would be reviewed and you will start getting salary. you can become one of the regional agents also known as CEO of a certain city in Nigeria, with an annual salary of 80 million naira, and luxury villas and the S-Class Mercedes.

To get profits every day, get invitation rewards, team commission rewards, and all reward amount systems will be added to your SIGNET app account.If you have a team of tens of thousands of people, you can become the executive president of SIGNET. Once approved, your annual salary will be more than 80 million ₦, including food, drink, housing and transportation. The total commission earned is 1 million ₦, then you can earn 12% of the total team commission without doing anything.

Make Money Via Referral Commission

When you invite someone to signet and they make their first purchase, you automatically earn commission. Below are the commissions you earn based on the referral level of the invited person.

  • Level 1 referral commission = 12%
  • Level 2 referral commission = 6%
  • Level 3 referral commission = 3%

Signet Jewelers Investment Plans

ProjectPriceTermDaily IncomeTotal Revenue
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.3 carat₦4000.0030days₦1600₦48000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.4 carat₦12000.0028days₦5400₦151200.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.5 carat₦60000.0015days₦48000₦720000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.6 carat₦180000.0015days₦153000₦2295000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.7carat₦540000.0015days₦486000₦7290000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 0.8carat₦990000.0015days₦940500₦14107500.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 1 carat₦2600000.0015days₦2600000₦39000000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 2 carat₦5800000.0015days₦6960000₦104400000.00
🌈KG-A-Emerald Gemstone 3 carat₦11850000.0015days₦17775000₦266625000.00


Is Signet Jewelers Legit?

All Nigerian signet jewelers platforms are fake and scams impersonating the real company Signet Jewelers ( which is a diamond retailer based in Bermuda and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, and is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

A lot of scammers and fraudsters are basically creating ponzi websites in Signet jewelers name to decieve people into thinking they are the real company and at they end of they day defraud users of their hard earned money. So when you hear signet in Nigeria, run far away so as not to be a victim.

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