Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria [Full Review] – June, 2024

In this blog post, we will be making a ful review of a new generator manufacturer in Nigeria. Due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, the people have decided to stop relying on unreliable power supply from the government and have found solace in generating their own power supply using generators and solar inverters.

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There are a lot of generators that are being imported into Nigeria from industrialised countries like China, japan, etc. While some of these generators are high qualities, there are also some generators that are of low quality. This is the major reason why we are making this review of Kemage generator, to provide users with a full review of the generator to enable them make decisions whether to still buy the generator or avoid it.

Kemage generators are one of the currently most popular generators in Nigeria. The are commonly used in homes, offices, and businesses. It runs on gasoline and comes in various models and sizes, ranging from small 1.1kVA generators to larger 12kVA models. Kemage generators are known for their reliability and durability, with features such as key starters, remote controls, and manual start options. They are designed to provide stable and controlled power output, making them suitable for powering essential appliances and equipment during power outages or in areas with unreliable electricity supply.

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Kemage Generators ar of high quality and the beautiful thing about it is that it is cheaper than counterparts like sumec firman, elepaq, etc. When you go for Kemge generators, you can save as much as 25% and get the same quality as other quality generator brands mentioned above.

Price List of Kemage Generators

Generator DescriptionPrice (Naira)
Kemage DIESEL Generator Km 12000 10 Kva1,300,000
Original Kemage Pressure Washer With Soap Container350,000
6.5kva Kemage Soundproof Inverter Remote Control Petrol Gen1,100,000
Brand New Kemage 10kva Soundproof DIESEL Generator898,500
Kemage Inverter With Remote Control1,000,000
Brand New Kemage(Km9500)4.5kva Generator386,999
KEMAGE GENERATOR KE 11000e2r 10 Kva600,000
Brand New Kemage 6.5kva Generator432,500
KEMAGE Generator 3.5kva280,000
Remote Control 10kva Kemage Complete Coil Heavy Duty Copper%380,000
Brand New Kemage 4.5kva Generator296,999
Kemage Km8500e2 7.5kva Petrol Engine Generator620,000
KEMAGE GENERATOR 4.5 Kva Remote330,000
10kva Kemage Silent Mini Lister Heavy Duty Generator1,150,000
Kemage Generator 4.5kva Copper Wire222,000
10kva Kemage Heavy Duty Long Coil Generator510,000
10kva Kemage Coil Heavy Duty Generator Remote Control490,000
Brand New Kemage 6.5kva Generator432,500
Original KEMAGE 6KVA Petrol Generator 100%Copper Coil331,000
10kva Kemage Complete Engine, Model 13000670,000
Original Kemage Key Start Generator With Tyres 100% Copper235,000
10kva Kemage Heavy Duty Long Coil Generator 100% Copper400,000
100% Copper Wire Generator Kemage 4800e2296,000
Original Km4000 Generator145,000
Kemage Generator With Key Battery and Tire125,000
Kemage Generator 4.5-Kva *283,000
Brand New Kemage 10kva Generator750,000
Brand New Kemage(Km6500)3.5kva Generator226,500
Kemage Generator 5000I Wheel196,000
Brand New Kemage✓Km4000✓6.5kva Generator496,500
Kemage Km5800e2450,000
Brand New Kemage 6.5kva Generator426,500
Brand New Kemage 4.5kva Generator>Key Start>Remote Control>398,500
Brand New Kemage 10kva Generator>>100% Full Copper Coil>>726,500
8.5kva Kemage Heavy Duty Generator365,000
Kemage KM8500 5.5kva Remote Control Key Petrol Generator.260,000
10kva Kemage Heavy Duty Semi Silent Generator720,000
Kemage Petrol Pressure Pump With Soap Tank490,000
Brand New KEMAGE 10kva Soundproof Generator/100% Coper COIL/1,126,500
4.5kva 100% Copper Wire Generator270,000
Kemage Soundproof Generator 10 Kva842,000
Kemage 4.5 K.V.A Generator298,000
10kva Kemage Remote Control Silent Mini Lister Model 12000ER900,000
Brand New Kemage 10kva Generator670,000
Kemage 2.2kva / 2.5kva110,000
3.8kva Kemage Long Coil Generator288,000
KEMAGE 15kva Remote Ctrl855,000
Kemage Manual Starter160,000
Kemage Generator Set 8.5kva296,000

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