Rivers Joy Transport Price List 2024

This blog post is all about Riversjoy Transport Limited. We would be providing you with all the information about this Nigerian-based transportation company including its price list, terminal park locations, etc.

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Rivers Joy Transport, also known as Riversjoy Travel and Tours Limited, is a transportation company based in Nigeria. It started operating on December 2, 2020, and is licensed by NIPOST as a courier operator. The company aims to provide quality logistics and transport services, both domestically and internationally. The focus is on offering timely, safe, secure, available, accessible, affordable, effective, and efficient services. The company’s ownership and management are experienced professionals in the industry. The administrative head office is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Riversjoy provides a range of Intercity services, Logistics services, Franchise sceme, special events transportation, and consultancy services.  They have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that cater to your specific needs. Their vehicles range from sedans to Sienna, Hummer buses, Wagon and we have options for both individual and group transportation

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Rivers Joy Transport Price List

From Port Harcourt

s/n.Pickup PointDestinationPrice
1Port HarcourtAbakaliki₦‎12,000.00
2Port HarcourtAgbor₦‎11,500.00
3Port HarcourtAkokwa₦‎7,000.00
4Port HarcourtAmawbia₦‎6,500.00
5Port HarcourtAsaba₦‎11,000.00
6Port HarcourtAuchi₦‎16,500.00
7Port HarcourtAwka₦‎8,000.00
8Port HarcourtCalabar₦‎10,500.00
9Port HarcourtEnugu₦‎0.00
10Port HarcourtEnugu-2₦‎10,500.00
11Port HarcourtEtim Ekpo₦‎2,500.00
12Port HarcourtIgali Ogoja₦‎16,500.00
13Port HarcourtIkom₦‎14,000.00
14Port HarcourtNnewi₦‎9,000.00
15Port HarcourtNsukka₦‎12,000.00
16Port HarcourtObollo Afor₦‎6,500.00
17Port HarcourtOmoku₦‎2,000.00
18Port HarcourtOnitsha₦‎9,000.00
19Port HarcourtOwerri₦‎4,500.00
20Port HarcourtUmuahia₦‎5,500.00
21Port HarcourtUyo₦‎6,500.00
22Port HarcourtAbuja-Utako₦‎32,500.00
23Port HarcourtAbuja-Mararaba₦‎32,500.00
24Port HarcourtLagos-Festac₦‎28,000.00
25Port HarcourtLagos-Jibowu₦‎28,500.00
26Port HarcourtAbakaliki (Wagon)₦‎11,500.00
27Port HarcourtAgbor (Wagon)₦‎11,000.00
28Port HarcourtAgbor (Wagon)₦‎11,000.00
29Port HarcourtAkokwa (Wagon)₦‎8,000.00
30Port HarcourtAmawbia (Wagon)₦‎6,000.00
31Port HarcourtAsaba (Wagon)₦‎10,500.00
32Port HarcourtAsaba (Wagon)₦‎10,500.00
33Port HarcourtAuchi (Wagon)₦‎16,000.00
34Port HarcourtAwka (Wagon)₦‎9,500.00
35Port HarcourtCalabar (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
36Port HarcourtEnugu (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
37Port HarcourtEnugu-2 (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
38Port HarcourtEtim Ekpo (Wagon)₦‎2,500.00
39Port HarcourtIgalI Ogoja (Wagon)₦‎16,000.00
40Port HarcourtIkom (Wagon)₦‎13,500.00


s/n.Pickup PointDestinationPrice
41Port HarcourtNnewi₦‎8,500.00
42Port HarcourtNsukka₦‎11,500.00
43Port HarcourtObollo Afor₦‎6,000.00
44Port HarcourtOnitsha₦‎8,500.00
45Port HarcourtOwerri₦‎4,500.00
46Port HarcourtUmuahia₦‎5,000.00
47Port HarcourtUyo₦‎6,000.00
48Port HarcourtAbakaliki (Wagon)₦‎11,500.00
49Port HarcourtAgbor (Wagon)₦‎11,000.00
50Port HarcourtAgbor (Wagon)₦‎11,000.00
51Port HarcourtAkokwa (Wagon)₦‎8,000.00
52Port HarcourtAmawbia (Wagon)₦‎6,000.00
53Port HarcourtAsaba (Wagon)₦‎10,500.00
54Port HarcourtAsaba (Wagon)₦‎10,500.00
55Port HarcourtAuchi (Wagon)₦‎16,000.00
56Port HarcourtAwka (Wagon)₦‎9,500.00
57Port HarcourtCalabar (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
58Port HarcourtEnugu (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
59Port HarcourtEnugu-2 (Wagon)₦‎10,000.00
60Port HarcourtEtim Ekpo (Wagon)₦‎2,500.00
61Port HarcourtIgali Ogoja (Wagon)₦‎16,000.00
62Port HarcourtIkom (Wagon)₦‎13,500.00
63Port HarcourtNnewi (Wagon)₦‎8,500.00
64Port HarcourtNsukka (Wagon)₦‎11,500.00
65Port HarcourtObollo Afor (Wagon)₦‎6,000.00
66Port HarcourtOnitsha (Wagon)₦‎8,500.00
67Port HarcourtOwerri (Wagon)₦‎4,500.00
68Port HarcourtUmuahia (Wagon)₦‎5,000.00
69Port HarcourtUyo (Wagon)₦‎6,000.00
70Port HarcourtAbakaliki (Hummer)₦‎11,000.00
71Port HarcourtAgbor (Hummer)₦‎10,500.00
72Port HarcourtAkokwa (Hummer)₦‎5,500.00
73Port HarcourtAmawbia (Hummer)₦‎5,500.00
74Port HarcourtAsaba (Hummer)₦‎10,000.00
75Port HarcourtAuchi (Hummer)₦‎15,500.00
76Port HarcourtAwka (Hummer)₦‎9,000.00
77Port HarcourtCalabar (Hummer)₦‎5,500.00
78Port HarcourtEnugu (Hummer)₦‎9,500.00
79Port HarcourtEnugu-2 (Hummer)₦‎9,500.00
80Port HarcourtEtim Ekpo (Hummer)₦‎2,400.00
81Port HarcourtIgalI Ogoja (Hummer)₦‎15,500.00
82Port HarcourtIkom (Hummer)₦‎13,000.00


Rivers Joy Terminal Park Contact Details

  1. ABUJA-Utako (08064741179)
  2. ABUJA-Mararaba – 08169573597
  3. LAGOS – Festac – 07038328372 (Selected)
  4. LAGOS-Iyana Ipaja – 08106854690
  5. LAGOS-Jibowu (08064741179)

Rivers Joy Transport Headquarters Address:

Eff-Bee Terminal, Plot 3, Olu Obasanjo Road, Waterlines.
Opposite Primary Head care centre, Port Harcourt. 0704 967 3782

Subsidiary Port Harcourt Operational Depots:

Eff-Bee Terminal 2

Km 15, Airport Road, Rumuodomanya

Obio Akpor L.G.A.

0803 336 6266

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