Vaults and Gardens Price List (2024)

Vaults and Gardens in Nigeria, particularly the Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens, is a private cemetery that offers an alternative to the challenges faced by families in finding suitable resting places for their departed loved ones in the crowded and often unkempt public cemeteries.

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The increasing population and poor urban planning in major cities like Lagos have led to a scarcity of burial plots in public cemeteries, resulting in soaring prices. Families, unable to afford these high costs or frustrated by the lack of decent spaces, are turning to private cemeteries like Vaults and Gardens.

Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens, run by Ola Kleen Nigeria Limited, stands out for its maintenance and security. Unlike many public cemeteries that are overfilled, neglected, and emit unpleasant odors, this private cemetery provides well-maintained burial plots with security personnel on-site. The contrast is stark, with some public cemeteries suffering from mismanagement and neglect.

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However, the privilege of eternal rest in a place like Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens comes at a considerable cost. The price for a burial plot at Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens ranges from N3.2 million to N35 million, depending on the type of vault chosen. This cost is equivalent to a year’s salary for a graduate or the price of a house in certain areas of Lagos.

The high prices in private cemeteries have raised concerns about accessibility, especially for lower-income families. While private cemeteries like Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens offer a more dignified and well-maintained option, the hefty financial commitment excludes many from availing these services.

In contrast to private cemeteries, most public cemeteries are struggling with congestion, lack of maintenance, and insufficient grave space. The situation is worsened by the negligence of both government and private operators, with public cemeteries becoming breeding grounds for environmental problems and potential health hazards.

Price List

Here are the updated vaults and gardens price list

  1. Basic Spot six feet under: N3.2 million
  2. Basic Single Vault: N12.5 million
  3. Basic Double Vault: N22 million
  4. Classic Vault: N25 million
  5. Premium Vault: N35 million

Additional Expenses:

    • Families may also incur expenses on the slab and bricks, ranging from N750,000 to N1.7 million.

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